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Baltimore MD dating show

The top knights of our kingdom will battle with brawn and steel to determine one victor to protect the throne.

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MPT takes a look back at a favorite production for Throwback Thursday.

Years old: 33
My orientation: Guy
My hair: Silvery
Languages: English
My favourite drink: Lager
My hobbies: Drawing

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The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached, or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Baltimore Magazine. You think life is like a box of chocolates or, more specifically, you think Forrest Gump is, like, a really good flick. The Bicycle is your favorite local restaurant.

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You know what a metrosexual is. So turn the and see for yourself. Celebrity lookalike? Do you know what a metrosexual is?

Would you date one? Absolutely Would you rather be a movie star or a rock star? Complain about ex-girlfriends, or bring one along on the date. Active listening and making eye contact with me or bringing George Clooney along on the date. What was the best concert you ever attended?

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Favorite CD? The Beatles, Abbey Road. I listen to it at least once a week. Favorite local restaurant? Ciao Bella. Ask for Tony! Are you one? I am very in touch with both my ego and my feminine side. Just ask my ex. Would you rather be a movie star or a rock star?

A rock star! Talk about other men she has or is currently dating. Farting at the dinner table runs a close second. Eye contact! Let me know that I have your fullest attention and you will definitely have mine. Cleanliness is something I am discovering. Thoughts on thong underwear?

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Thong or nothing. Would you ever appear on a reality dating show? Hell no!

What is your guilty pleasure? Take a cell phone call at dinner or anytime while we are talking. What has been your most life-altering experience?

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I competed in a six-day, international bicycle race in Italy, in which I was the lowest man on the team but the only one to finish. Sum up your experience at the prom: The group I was with only lasted a few hours back at the hotel before hotel management asked us to leave.

Being rude to other people and acting like she feels a little too comfortable for the first date.

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Being polite, kind of on the shy innocent side, but still talkative. Favorite movie?

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Food, I know it sounds high level, but I love all food! Wear a lot of makeup.

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Cook me dinner or wear a ballcap. Favorite karaoke song? Favorite restaurant in Baltimore? Joanne Woodward Celebrity dream date?

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Paul Newman. Is it someone who likes sex on the Metro? Complain, complain, complain. A big smile and laughter. Single, One dog 3 years old, maleFreelance writer, Shiatsu practitioner. Magazines you subscribe to?

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Being a part of the first Ride for the Feast in support of Moveable Feast. Too much self-respect. Sean Connery [ Ed. Moving from the West to the East. Barbara Eden Celebrity dream date? George Clooney. Yes What word do you over-use?

Be too forward. Make me laugh. No, because I cannot direct the cameramen. Be himself and if I like him then chances are there may be a second date. When my Mom passed away at age 13, my whole life was transformed in ways I never had imagined. It helped to shape the person I am today: strong and determined to succeed. An Officer and a Gentleman —what can I say? Legal Sea Foods. I absolutely love their cream of crab soup.

Yes Would you date one? I think I would be under too much pressure to be perfect all the time, just to keep up with him.

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Definitely a movie star. Sometimes I think I missed my calling, as I can be very dramatic at times. Arrive late without calling.

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Plan the date from start to finish. Love means never having to change a person into what we want as opposed to what they choose to be. Sum up your experience at your prom: A group of us rented a suite at the Holiday Inn and we had way too much fun.

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A combination Tiffani Thiessen and Jennifer Aniston? Celebrity dream date?

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Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray. What body part do you find most attractive? I love to see a guy with a nice back and shoulders. Be indecisive. Come with a plan, but still be open-minded.