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Date broke Petersburg girls

Spanning a history of just over years, St Petersburg has been the backdrop to many historic events over the centuries.

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It bears the scars of too many openings, of a journey between hands that tried and failed to keep it closed for good. It contains the story of a blue-eyed girl, a runaway who chewed her fingernails short and wore her auburn hair long.

She drifted from Virginia to St. Petersburg, flopped in a house on 11th Avenue S, told lies about her age and her name.

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On June 9,a man pushed her into traffic in southern St. A car dragged her more than feet. For nearly 16 years she was Janice Marie.

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For the next 42 she was Jane Doe. On Thursday, police were able to announce her full, proper name. Her younger brother, Timothy, said they were born Brock but were later adopted by the Young family in Newport News, Va. Both he and his sister were molested by a relative, he said.

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Young said his sister endured particularly painful abuse. She packed a pillowcase full of clothes and told him she was running away. He figured it was just for a while, to a friend's house. Soon after, when they got off the school bus, Janice had her pillowcase. Petersburg police reports from the night she died say a year-old man, Lawrence Dorn, pushed her into traffic during a fight about 1 a. Witnesses said they knew her only as Marie and that they had met just days before. Hours before her death, police had stopped her on the street, thinking she looked like a suspect in another investigation.

Janice gave her last name as Brock, and an incorrect birth date of June 17, When they found her later, on the pavement, she wore all purple clothing and her body had massive wounds. The driver was shaken. Police said he had no time to stop. Police could not determine definitively what led to the altercation.

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Dorn told them he did not know the girl but had given her and some others a ride. At the house where he dropped her off, he said, she attacked him with a broken bottle and knife. He claimed his shove was in self-defense. Officers arrested Dorn and charged him with first-degree murder. In about a month, the charges were reduced to manslaughter, and then dropped entirely.

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The State Attorney's Office said it could not prove Dorn's intent. Brenda Stevenson started the binder with Jane Doe's case in A civilian investigator with the Police Department, Stevenson's demeanor reflects her work.

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Her tone is solemn, direct. She attacks cold cases for justice, not joy. The first few years, there was little progress. In she made a mighty push, asking the Medical Examiner's Office to exhume the girl's body from Memorial Park Cemetery.

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The examiner reached out to the University of South Florida, which pulled in anthropologist Erin Kimmerle. Together they disinterred Jane Doe and two other bodies from unmarked graves.

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They collected a sample of the girl's DNA but found no matches. They posted a reconstructed picture of the girl on Facebook in October the following year. Petersburg, Florida, in ? It wasn't until January, after years of searching, that Timothy Young thought to try a new Google query using his sister's birth name, not her adoptive one.

St. petersburg police identify missing girl, 42 years later (w/video)

He found the missing person's post along with some news reports. It has to be her," Young, 56, said. Three hours before police announced they had identified the missing girl on Thursday, Lawrence Dorn sat on his couch in his pajamas. He was surrounded by pictures of his family — his wife, their three. Dorn, 67, wrestled with tears. He sighed. He wondered if he would be charged again. He has never been arrested, he said, not since He drove trucks, ran a sandwich shop, is active in his church.

10 moments that defined st petersburg

I really did. I prayed that they would find out who she is," he said. Later, at the news conference, Assistant Chief Jim Previtera made it clear this was not about a murder case, but a missing persons investigation. There would be no new charges.

The foundation of st petersburg –

Young was home in Montgomery County, N. Soon, he said, he will put his sister's ashes in an urn at his house. Stevenson, the cold case investigator, remembers seeing the DNA earlier this month. She called Young and read to him the critical part about how "he could not be excluded as the biological relative of the victim. Young cried, and so did Stevenson. After the news conference, she stood near the binder, watching reporters leaf through its bulging s.

When most of them left, she picked it up and cradled it in her elbow. Times news researcher Carolyn Edds contributed to this report. Contact Zachary T. Sampson at zsampson tampabay. Follow ZackSampson. This story has been updated to reflect the following correction: Timothy Young is the younger brother of Janice Marie Young, who went missing as a teenager in and whose remains were recently identified in St.

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