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Date ideas Tool TX

With so many great date night ideas in Austin, there really is no reason for boring dates!

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You have to go all out on a theme, set aside the phone, and get creative. Learn to make wine — Become a wine expert and enjoy making wine right from the comfort of your own home with this fun stay at home date idea! There are so many kits online and even beyond grapes, there are other really unique fruit wines you can learn to make as well!

Romantic austin date night ideas

Well just the same, there are so many cool beer making options to make the craft beer of your dreams! Play a couples card game — Get to know each other better with these fun card games that have fun questions, dares, and other couples bonding activities! Ask questions — Sit apart and come up with 50 questions each. You can use online resources that you can come up with in a quick google search or you can come up with yourself. Regroup after both of you have your 50 questions and start asking away! Let him do your makeup for your at home date night and either laugh or marvel at what he manages do.

Youtube tutorial highly recommended!

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Have a romantic bath — The key to this is go all out! I love roses so create a whole theme! Rose petals, rose epsom salts, rose bubble bath, rose candles, and a nice rose lotion afterwards! Make some fruit infused water and chocolate covered strawberries just like the spas do.

Austin date ideas for couples on the water

Lay out a robe to cuddle in after and use the nicest towels you have. Maybe even rearrange your bathroom and take out any clutter in there. Do a Body Scrub — You can really keep the spa going for as long as you want! The things I love about this is most spa scrubs can be fairly expensive and this is a great way to save money. Once again, make sure to really set the mood. Lay out blankets that can get dirty on your bed or somewhere else. For the perfect scrub take turns covering each other in the srub and using gloves to really work it in.

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Afterwards apply lotion and take turns giving head and shoulder massages just like they do at the spa. Another one of my favorites to include in this is dry brushing which feels heavenly but is easy to do unlike a massage that can sometimes be difficult. Do a Body Wrap — Just the same you can do an at home body wrap! Just decide what kind of body wrap you want detox vs. Add all the extras above to make it extra special. To make the facial extra special, get a full kit so that you can go through all the steps or get ingredients to make your own like a fun gold face mask!

Stay at home date ideas

Learn to give a good massage — What is an at home spa date without a good massage? A quick Youtube search will tell you all the steps to give a good couples massage and you can learn together! Luckily they now make paint by s for adults! Grab a glass of wine and you have yourself a paint and sip at home date idea! Set up a photoshoot- Make it sexy or make it fun! Set up an area, wear some cute lingerie, get pose ideas from Pinterest and have fun. Or get creative with what you have at home and make fun backdrops.

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Create a bucket list — Planning travel always gets me so excited and is a great bonding experience. Try to get as specific as possible and thinks you actually want to do such as learning a specific skill, take a cooking class there, or attending a festival somewhere! Have a book club — The best way to remember something you read was discuss it! Work through a good book such as the 5 love languages or another personal development book.

Some books even come with work books to go through together! The best part is just getting to discuss it after. Play couples jenga — Normal jenga is fun, but take it up a notch with couples jenga! Make your own cheese — You might be surprised at just how simple and fun it is to make cheese. And there are so many different varieties! Use your phone to set up outdoor sounds, sleep in a tent, roast some marshmallows, and get into the camping spirit! To travel to another country from home here is what you do.

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Order takeout or create a recipe from that country, watch a documentary on youtube, netflix, or PBS I like no passports required or passport unkknown. Watch a movie that country produced or listen to a soundtrack! Then I chose one and we had to go home and make something. You can do this with ingredients at home too! Learn a new dance — No need to pay for dance lessons when you can learn a new dance from the comfort of your home. Or even hire a dance instructor and do it online if needed. There are so many fun dance forms from Salsa, different cultural dances, two stepping, and more!

Just look up a video on youtube! Recreate your restaurants favorite meal — Have a favorite restaurant? I loved learning to make Chick-fil-a chicken or a Cheesecake factory recipe, and so much more! Play Card Games — Never take for granted those simple dates! I loved playing speed, double solitaire, war and so many other games. You can google 2 player card games and find videos for new ones to play!

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And I even found a fun throwing burrito card game! Learn to watercolor — Watercolor seems daunting at first, but it ends up being so much fun! Colorsnack puts together fun water color kids for beginners! It was fun to pretend we were far away and learn a new skill. There are great tutorials, but if you want to be extra challenged, check out the Photoshop Hustlers tutorials.

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Choose a destination you plan on visiting in a few months and map everything out together! Learning about the stock market at first can seem daunting, but it can be simple to start. I love Youtube for learning. Build a garden — Gardening is so rewarding and is an at home date idea that will remain rewarding in the future!

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There are so many kits or even ways to re-purpose some of the foods that we have already! Make your own hot sauce — This is such a fun date! Make your own hot sauce and then immediately go and use that hot sauce on a new recipe! Become a spy — and learn to pick locks!

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I got this lock picking kit and it was fun to learn a new challenge! Or get a whole spy kit and spy away together!

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Create a temporary tattoo — How good are your art skills? I would love to give my husband a tattoo at least for a little fun! I also love temporary tattoos because you have all of the fun without the commitment. Do a science experiment — As a kid science experiments. As an adult we miss that wonder and awe of a good science experiment. You can look up at home science experiments using household appliances or get a fun kit!

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Find a new board game — Board games have gone a long way from the typical ones. There are so many cool and unique games so you can find something new to try! Have a karaoke session — Yeah! You can do karaoke right at home!

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Pick you favorite songs and use Youtube with lyrics! Try tie, different cutting methods, turn it into useful things for household products and more. Make up a fun dance routine — Look. Tik Tok is not just for kids and those catchy dances end up being a lot of fun to learn!

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Learn a couple dances or see if you can make one of your own. Make a list of date ideas from around your city — We have a lot of fun having dates around our city when not having at home date nights.

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However, when it actually comes to planning that date we struggle with ideas. Learn magic — Try to see if you can fool each other by either looking up fun at home magic and slight of hand ideas or get an adult magic kit! Do a wine tasting — There are so many great resources to have a wine tasting at home!

From tasting cards, resources to learn about all those complicated wine terms, and even ways to make games out of it.

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No need to worry about not knowing anything about wine! This is a fun way to do it! Instead of buying flowers, learn to make a bouquet — Learning to create a flower arrangement is a skill that you can learn together to always have a beautiful arrangement at home! Play Truth or Dare — You can either google your own and create your own game or buy a fun set! Have a Comedy night — Make yourself a cocktail and pull up Youtube or Netflix! There are so many comedians who have their whole skit online for you to enjoy and laugh.

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