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Years old: 43
My orientation: I like guy
What is my gender: My gender is girl
I can speak: English
Sign of the zodiac: I'm Pisces
My body type: Muscular
What I like to listen: Classical

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mobile or address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. To get the free app, mobile phone. Yes it works for men of all ages! You're going to know what she has to offer and what you absolutely cannot expect from her.

You end up knowing what it really takes for a man of any age to date a twentyish woman. Steele's experiences are here for you to learn from, good ones, funny ones and horror stories. When done reading you'll avoid many of the mistakes he made as you learn the complex, delicate rituals and courtship practices insisted upon by a young woman. Read less. Print length. Steel Balls Pr. Publication date. December 18, See all details. Next. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser.

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Don Steele. Review Steele pulls no punches as he explains how to attract the young, from dress codes to actions.

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The honest approach and advice are unusually solid and explicit, from sex and the young woman to analysis of her real motivation to step-by-step courting scenarios, with emphasis on strategy based on understanding. Men interested in a no-holds-barred approach will find this book unique, one of the most refreshing guides available.

Women not involved in defining chauvinist behavior will learn a lot, too. Absolutely guaranteed money back no questions asked. From the Author Credentials?

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But, I wrote it all down, the successes, the failures, the frustration, the joys, the pain. It's all there for you to learn from. Sincewhen I was 32, I've only been involved with young women: married to, divorced from, lived with and dated. Now, at 56, I am living with and loving Joanna Bardot Lopez, If you want truth, not pie-in-the-sky promises this book is for you.

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The Revised Edition includes all original material plus everything else that I've learned the hard way. Every year hundreds of guys write thanking me for turning their dating lives around. Many suggest I delete "Young" from the title because much of the strategy, tactics, methods and advice apply equally date in Bellevue men women of all ages. I agree, but the title gets me on the radio and on TV, necessary to sell books. Steele tells you bluntly who she is, where she is, then how to meet, talk with and date her.

The principles are based entirely on understanding a young woman and her real motivation to date a man your age. Learn why she wants and needs to be your lover, then how to let it happen, not make it happen. Don's first job was inage In the heart of Appalachia, he was the Saturday telephone operator in his home town of Shippenville, Pennsylvania, population He earned ten cents an hour. At 16, he worked as an embalmer's assistant for the summer. The next summer, he was an oiler of strip mining equipment, a muddy, cold, dreary, dangerous task. Those two jobs convinced him to get an education.

Don has worked for more than 20 aerospace, defense and engineering companies as well as the Republican National Committee and many political campaigns. He and Joanna Bardot Lopez live in Hawaii.

This is not a book of interviews with young women and a writer's disguised guess as to what it all means. This is a how-to book by a 56 year old man who has done it for the past 25 years and continues to do it. I explain how to make your fantasies come true but right now that's exactly what they are, fantasies. You are going to learn how young women think, what's important to them and what they want from a man.

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You'll know what you have to be and look like to attract her. I explain where to find her, how to meet her, what to say to her, principles of courting when you're 20 years older than she is, what her real motives are for dating you, how to behave on dates and how to seduce her. I tell you the must do's as well as the no no's. You will end up knowing what it really takes for a fortyish man to date a twentyish woman.

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My experiences are here for you to learn from, good ones, funny ones and horror stories. When done reading you'll avoid many of the mistakes I made as you learn the complex, delicate rituals and courtship practices insisted upon by a young woman interested in an older man. But you have to learn by doing. If you want to break, then ride a horse, a wild young mare, you can't read a book then sit on the corral fence theorizing about it.

You have to climb on and get thrown, again and again. Eventually you'll realize you must talk gently to her, letting her know you intend no harm, showing no fear while radiating, "I'm in charge here.

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There are 13 million young women out there. At this very moment a half a million of them are being courted by men twice their age. Tens of thousands are having affairs with an older man right now, loving every minute. So how do you get involved?

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You already date women, right? No matter how old she is the steps are the same: find, meet, talk, date. What's the problem then, you ask? The Problem. Clearly stated, you don't know how to: 1 find her 2 meet her and 3 talk with her. Dating follows naturally if you converse with her correctly, based on the rules of engagement as she understands them.

Presently you solve this three-part problem several times each year, the only difference is the female's age. Find Her. Where do you find women right now? At work, in bars, attending classes, through friends, at parties and sometimes in the most unexpected places, like the post office. You find young women in the same places! No bleep, you say.

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Well, everywhere except bars. Forget them, much more later. My point is, finding her is not a big part of this problem. Meet Her. It's no different from meeting a woman.

You introduce yourself, someone introduces you or she introduces herself. You have nearly all the skills and resources right now. This part of the problem is solved with only your big head, some chutzpah and learning a few techniques. But that's after, only after, you understand her, what she wants from you and what she's afraid of.

Talk With Her. Look closely at this one. It is made up of two tasks. Task A is delivering an opening line that won't make her laugh at you or scare her away. For bleep's sake, don't use any from How to Pick Up Girls. Task B is sustaining the conversation long enough for her to realize you are a safe b interesting and c attractive. Essence Of The Problem. The substance, the essential difference, the core, or, to put it more succinctly, the entire bleeping thing comes down to Task B with its four sub-tasks.

Sustained Contact.

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You have to talk with her for a minimum of four or five minutes. At this point you don't know much about talking with anyone under You don't yet have the ability to carry on a conversation she can, like, relate to. You know, like, on her level. Simple, you know, like friendly, relaxed, you know, like, well, totally casual.

No, they're not all air he or valley girls.