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Parenting practices among Dominican and Puerto Rican mothers. This study presents descriptive qualitative data about Latino parenting practices in an urban context.

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The city that is known today as San Jose came into being as a small town around the middle of the 16th century. This area was known as the Aserri Valley and was comprised of extensive grasslands with an altitude measuring between 3, and 4, ft.

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Sexual Prejudice among Puerto Rican young adults. Sexual prejudice is linked to hate crimes, mental health, risk behaviors, and stigma. Few studies have examined sexual prejudice among Latinos.

We surveyed college students in Puerto Rico. A structural model tested whether contact and positive experiences with homosexuals, perceived similarities with peers' attitudes toward homosexuality, and religiosity were predictive of sexual prejudice among Puerto Rican young adults. Sex differences in the structural model were explored.

With the exception of peers' attitudes toward homosexuality, all study variables predict sexual prejudice. No sex differences were found. Implications for decreasing sexual prejudice among Puerto Rican youth in a college setting are discussed. Older Adults. To characterize the health status of older island Puerto Ricansa segment of the U. Data from the Puerto Rican Elderly Health Conditions Project and the Health and Retirement Study are used to examine differences in disease, disability, and self-rated health among island Puerto Ricans and the mainland U.

Differences are further examined by gender. Island Puerto Ricans were less likely to have heart disease, stroke, lung disease, cancer, activities of daily living ADL limitations, and poor self-rated health, but more likely to have hypertension and diabetes. Island Puerto Rican women had worse health relative to island Puerto Rican men. Recent challenges in the funding and provision of health care in Puerto Rico are worrisome given the large of aging island adultsmany of whom have hypertension and diabetes, two conditions that require long-term medical care.

Association between sleep duration, insomnia symptoms and bone mineral density in older Puerto Rican adults. Objective: To examine the association between sleep patterns sleep duration and insomnia symptoms and total and regional bone mineral density BMD among older Boston Puerto Rican adults. Background: Puerto Ricans are the second largest Hispanic group in the United States, and older adults have ificant health disparities. Educational programs that address heart disease risk dating Merced rican man this population have rarely been developed and implemented.

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The Boston Puerto Rican Health Study, a longitudinal cohort study on health disparities in Puerto Rican adults : challenges and opportunities. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Abstract Background The Boston Puerto Rican Health Study is an ongoing longitudinal cohort study deed to examine the role of psychosocial stress on presence and development of allostatic load and health outcomes in Puerto Ricansand potential modification by nutritional status, genetic variation, and social support.

Methods Self-identified Puerto Ricansaged years and residing in the Boston, MA metro area, were recruited through door-to-door enumeration and community approaches. Participants completed a comprehensive set of questionnaires and tests. Blood, urine and salivary samples were extracted for biomarker and genetic analysis. Measurements are repeated at a two-year follow-up.

Conclusions The enrollment of minority groups presents unique challenges. This report highlights approaches to working with difficult to reach populations, and describes some of the health issues and needs of Puerto Rican older adults. These may inform future studies and interventions aiming to improve the health of this and similar communities. Carbohydrate nutrition differs by diabetes status and is associated with dyslipidemia in Boston Puerto Rican adults without diabetes. Carbohydrate nutrition may play a role in this disparity.

Cross-sectional analyses included data from Puerto Ricans aged y enrolled in the Boston Puer Acculturation and sociocultural influences on dietary intake and health status among Puerto Rican adults in Massachusetts. studies have shown negative consequences of acculturation dating Merced rican man lifestyle factors, health status, and dietary intake of Hispanic immigrants in the US.

Despite prevalent type 2 diabetes and low socioeconomic status SES among Puerto Rican adults living on the US mainland, little is known about The prevalence of refractive conditions in Puerto Rican adults attending an eye clinic system.

Conclusion: Hyperopia is the most common refractive error and its prevalence and seems to increase among the aging population who visited the clinics. Further programs and studies must be developed to address the refractive errors needs of the adult Puerto Rican population. Historically, osteoporosis has not been considered a public health priority for the Hispanic population. However, recent data indicate that Mexican Americans are at increased risk for this chronic condition.

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Although it is well established that there is heterogeneity in social, lifestyle, and health-related factors among Hispanic subgroups, there are currently few studies on bone health among Hispanic subgroups other than Mexican Americans. Participants completed an interview to assess demographic and lifestyle characteristics and bone mineral density measures. The overall prevalence of osteoporosis and LBM were The age-adjusted prevalence of osteoporosis for Puerto Rican men was 8. There were no statistically ificant differences between age-adjusted estimates for Puerto Rican women There is a need to understand specific factors contributing to osteoporosis in Puerto Rican adultsparticularly younger men.

This will provide important information to guide the development of culturally and linguistically tailored interventions to improve bone health in this. Association of major depression and diabetes in medically indigent Puerto Rican adults.

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Studies have found that major depression and diabetes mellitus are strongly associated. The main goal of this study was to evaluate the association between major depression and diabetes in a large medically indigent population of Puerto Rican adults living on the island. A secondary database analysis through a cross-sectional de was used for this study. Participants were selected from the Puerto Rico Commonwealth Health Plan database, beneficiaries of the public health sector. Adult 's subjects with at least one claim during were included.

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The final sample consisted of 1, adult insured. The prevalence of diabetes was Longitudinal prospective studies and randomized controlled trials are needed to shed light on the temporal or causal relationship and to test whether effective prevention and treatment can reduce the risk of developing diabetes. The association between cognitive decline and incident depressive symptoms in a sample of older Puerto Rican adults with diabetes. Older Puerto Rican adults have dating Merced rican man high risk of diabetes compared to the general US population.

Diabetes is associated with both higher depressive symptoms and cognitive decline, but less is known about the longitudinal relationship between cognitive decline and incident depressive symptoms in those with diabetes. This study investigated the association between cognitive decline and incident depressive symptoms in older Puerto Rican adults with diabetes over a four-year period.

Households across Puerto Rico were visited to identify a population-based sample of adults aged 60 years and over for the Puerto Rican Elderly: Health Conditions study PREHCO ; participants with diabetes at baseline and no baseline cognitive impairment were included in analyses. In a covariate-adjusted logistic regression model, cognitive decline, female gender, and greater diabetes-related complications were each ificantly associated with increased odds of incident depressive symptoms p Puerto Ricans with diabetes who also experienced cognitive decline.

Efforts are needed to optimize diabetes management and monitor for depression and cognitive decline in this population.

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Puerto Ricans are the second largest Hispanic group in the U. To develop it as a participatory program, the community members were asked about their perspectives. Five focus groups with 28 participants, agedwere conducted, transcribed and analyzed using Thematic Analysis. In-depth analysis of meanings of health promoting behaviors, in the context of cultural beliefs and values was carried out.

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The following themes were identified: Health as balance and integration; Health as connection of self, connection with others; Cultural meanings of lifestyle choices; Stresses and struggles. Participants suggested that the program should have ificant variety and a holistic perspective, be sensitive to different needs and motivations, stimulate mutual understanding and shared cultural meanings. The program needs to support lifestyle changes which maximally preserve traditions and to introduce multi-level changes. The identified cultural meanings of diet, physical activity and relationships were taken into to develop the educational curriculum.

The Psychology of Puerto Rican Migration. The psychology of the Puerto Rican migrant to the United States mainland is explored. Puerto Ricans have been migrating to the U. The migrant experience, including the circular migration….

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Full Text Available To examine the association between sleep patterns sleep duration and insomnia symptoms and total and regional bone mineral density BMD among older Boston Puerto Rican adults. We conducted a cross-sectional study including Puerto Rican adultsaged y living in Massachusetts. BMD at 3 hip sites and the lumbar spine were measured using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. Multivariable regression was used to examine sex-specific associations between sleep duration, insomnia symptoms and BMD adjusting for standard confounders and covariates.

This association was attenuated and lost ificance after further adjustment for urinary cortisol and serum inflammation biomarkers.

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In contrast, the association between sleep duration and BMD was not ificant in women. Further, we did not find any ificant associations between insomnia symptoms and BMD in men or women. Our study does not support the hypothesis that shorter sleep duration and insomnia symptoms are associated with lower BMD levels in older adults.

However, our should be interpreted with caution.

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Future studies with larger sample size, objective assessment of sleep pattern, and prospective de are needed before a conclusion regarding sleep and BMD can be reached. The relationship between multiple lifestyle components analyzed in combination and inflammation remains understudied. We aimed to assess the association between a Healthy Lifestyle Score HLS that includes adherence to five behavioral components diet, physical activity and sedentary behaviors, smoking, social support and network, and sleep and inflammatory markers, as well as the role of the HLS in inflammation among individuals with cardiometabolic conditions, in Puerto Rican adults.

Higher adherence to multiple lifestyle behaviors was associated with lower concentrations of inflammatory markers. Because low-grade inflammation may precede chronic diseases, following an overall healthy lifestyle may help lower risk of these diseases. Published by Elsevier B. All rights reserved.

Although individual healthy lifestyle behaviors may reduce cardiovascular disease risk, few studies have analyzed the combined effect of multiple lifestyle components as one all-inclusive measure on such outcomes, much less in minority populations. We aimed to develop a Healthy Lifestyle Score HLS that included several lifestyle recommendations and to test its association with metabolic syndrome MetS and allostatic load AL and their cardiometabolic and neuroendocrine factors in Puerto Ricans.

In a cross-sectional study in Puerto Ricans living in Boston aged ywe developed an HLS that ranged from 0 to higher score indicative of healthier lifestyle and included 5 components diet, physical activity and sedentary behaviors, smoking, social support and network, and sleep. Healthier scores for social support and network and smoking components were associated with lower odds of high AL P lifestyle components. Following an overall healthy lifestyle that comprises a combination of multiple behaviors may provide stronger protection against MetS and AL in Puerto Rican adults than individual components.

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The HLS may be a useful tool for examining health-related outcomes. This trial was registered at. Urinary 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine and cognitive function in Puerto Rican adults.