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Dating rituals of the Kalamazoo male

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Due to construction on Portage Rd. Refer to this map for directions to the parking lot. The first western god was both male and female. All of western religion springs from the veneration of a bi-gender entity, known to the ancient world as the Gynomorph.

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The worship of hermaphroditic gods like the Gynomorph surfaces in ancient pagan cults as well as early Christianity. The celebration of female gods with penises impacted the development of western culture. Veneration of the Gynomorph is the basis for modern western law courts. The founders of democracy worshipped similar female divinities who possessed penises.

Hermaphrodites, gynomorphs and jesus

Ritual sodomy as a means of celebrating hermaphroditic gods directly promoted the birth of western democracy. In fact, ancient priestesses responsible for guiding the worship of hermaphroditic goddesses laid the very foundations for democracy, science and philosophy. The oldest western pharmaceuticals were sex drugs used in religious initiations in celebration of the Gynomorph. Snake venoms used in cultic sex rituals were immensely popular in both Greece and Rome.

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In addition, abortion-inducing drugs promoted the first scientific investigations. Classical civilization relied heavily upon the use of cannabis, opiates, and hallucinogens, which were mixed with sexual stimulants. Greco-Roman witches, who served a prominent hermaphroditic goddess, Hecate, were among the earliest western scientists and naturalists.

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Devotees of gynomorphic divinities were the first westerners to promote the religious practice known as necromancy. The first "baptists" were cross-dressing necromancers, who celebrated the Gynomorph.

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Eunuchs who served the same goddess were chemically castrated with scorpion venom. Ancient pre-Christian oracles declared that the messiah must be a hermaphrodite.

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Christianity tried to assimilate and employ the use of necromancy. The earliest Christians used deer sex drugs in their rituals in order to venerate a messiah given gynomorphic status by church bishops.

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