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Dating sugar mamas in Norwich CT

Honestly, I'm looking for meaningful conversation that feels like a vacation from our routine. Anything that I'd fresh and gives one of us something to learn or experience together is great.

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I'm 5'10" of golden curves and undeniable charm. I'm super funny! Down to earth love to have a great time anywhere. All smiles. Hot baby looking for a hot cool loyal daddy!!

What is my age: 22
Color of my eyes: Gray-blue eyes
What I like to drink: Rum
My hobbies: Singing
My piercing: None

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We can have a very nice dinner and get to know eachother.

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I am a very good listener and i can and will open up about myself. Im a libra, so of course i would like sum dinner and drinks later over conversation, we here to meet and greet then go from there.

Sugar baby male seeking sugar mama

Or not. I have a job so i can pay 4 the whole nite and not lose any sleep if we dont wake I have a job so i can pay 4 the whole nite and not lose any sleep if we dont wake up 2gether in the morning. I would love to take you out to a nice restaurant where we can talk and laugh till they close.

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After I would like to go for a walk for some more quiet time, or go to a scary movie where we can get close. If you would lik If you would like we can go to your place and end the night with some intimacy.

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Let's meet for dinner or go for along walk just to break the ice to see if there's any chemistry at the least we can talk and build a friendship and at the most maybe that friendship could grow into something special. First date.

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Meet at a park, walk for a minute or so go out for a drink, leave the area And go out to a nice restaurant, finish the day with a drink and sparks flying throught the air. First date?

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That'll be enough, trust me, but otherwise, a good concert never hurts reserved seating on a first dateor sushi if we MUST eat out Anything thats good brain candy, an art show, a classic f Anything thats good brain candy, an art show, a classic film at the Egyptian, I've been spotted at the Avalon dancing at 6 a. Its more fun that way.

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Get dressedup and go to a nice restaurant for a nice meal then maybe walk in park or just go for a ride. Picking my date up and going out to dinner at a nice romantic restaurant and have a few drinks for we can get to know each other better and after dinner we would take a walk under the stars talking. For my sugar mommy I would take her out for dinner, and maybe go out to a movie afterwards, and see where things lead to from there.

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Not looking for one night stands either. I would get a limo filled with wine and champagne with jazz music in the background, drink giver her a foot massage then go to dinner and then see where things go.

Date sugar mamas in lomé

My first date idea would be like meeting up talking maybe going for a walk or dinner or just anything fun to make sure she has a good time. A good first date would be a nice dinner, with a good movie at home. Including some nice wine and popcorn. Doesn't have to involve sex. Because life is more than that. Nice romantic dinner, with some wine.

Bbw sugar babies in norwich

Go out to eat, go dancing, go out for a walk on the beach and lay out a blanket and cuddle. After a while to to the house and have one more drink by the fire and let the heat between us take us to XTC. Before searching, you need to submit your first date idea.

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Add my first date idea now. Others 6, First Date Ideas. Sort by:. All rights reserved.

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