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Farragut hookups

Jump to Photos. Farragut State Park Waldron campground has 69 large and spacious campsites all with electric hookups and is located close to the southern tip of Lake Pend Oreille.

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There are four campgrounds in Farragut State Park. I have included pictures of many of the campsites so this is a very long. The first on my list is named Gilmore Campground. It is the most developed with paved ro, campsite parking and even paths.

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Each of the 43 sites comes with electrical and water hookups. A companion site has room for 2 RVs and allows 16 people per unit instead of the normal 8. As you enter the campground you will see this field. There are horseshoe pits and enough space to play ball or setup a net for volleyball or badmitten.

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This is a map of Snowberry Campground. We stayed in campsite and enjoyed our time here. The campground is heavily wooded with undergrowth which allows some privacy even though the campsites are fairly close together. Snowberry Campground has 44 campsites and each is equipped with electrical hookups.

The restrooms are located right in the middle of the campground across the road from the camp host.

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I found them to be clean and well stocked. There are showers in there too. Waldron Campground has 3 loops with a total of 69 campsites and 3 cabins.

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There are 58 individual campsites and 11 companion sites each with water and electrical hookups. I love heavily wooded sites which is why I avoided camping here. If you like sunny campsites you will find it here. This group shelter is in Kestrel loop.

It is a nice facility should you want a larger picnic area. Campsite Notice the gray water disposal? I might like have it handy but am not sure I would want to camp right next to it!

Farragut state park waldron overview

There are 55 individual campsites and 6 companion sites. You will often find programs at the amphitheater. There is likely to be a schedule of upcoming events here and at the restrooms. We thought of going on the night owl hike but got lazy and stayed at the trailer.

If you have spent the time to go through all of these pictures I hope you found it helpful. Photo Gallery.

Farragut state park snowberry overview

Campground List. As you approach the entrance you will see thisturn right into Gilmore Campground. I included this picture to give you an idea of what the campground looks like. In case you wondered, yes, there is a place to dispose of your garbage. The gray water dumps are marked on the map as pentagons. Straight ahead you can see the camp host while the restrooms are on the right.

There are the restroom. Very nice restrooms with showers.

On the far side of the restrooms is the field, just follow this path. This is the entrance. Snowberry Campground in Farragut State Park. As you enter if you watch to your left you will see the "pet" area.

Farragut state park waldron photos & video

The garbage dumpster is near the entrance also. The only extra parking I saw was this little spot. I have included this picture to show how tight the spaces are but it is beautiful. Look for one of these to dump your gray water in.

They are shown as a pentagon on the map. The hosts had firewood for sale. They seemed to be friendly but I never took the time to visit. The entrance and my trusty chevy pickup. The restrooms with showers are located in between the loops. So are the volleyball courts. There are restrooms near the shelter This is one of the cabins, you will see a close up of the cabin in Night Hawk loop later.

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Here are a few of the campsites in Kestrel. Night Hawk loop.

Farragut state park snowberry photos

There is a smaller group shelter in Night Hawk. Companion campsite Next, Redtail loop. I think this swing set is by the central restroom not really in Redtail. Campsites and have spots for 2 RVs each. Each of the 3 cabins appear to be the same as the Redtail cabin.

You have a parking spot and The entrance is just like the others. There is a large field with extra parking as you enter the campground.

Farragut state park campground pictures and info

The restrooms are located in the middle between the 2 loops. Yes, there are showers here also You will find gray water dumps scattered about the campground. There are water faucets scattered about the campground too. Campanion campsite Campsite 47 is another companion site. Campsite 50 doesn't look like much from this angle but If I was tent camping I would like camping here.