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First date Bellevue

Get exclusive access to upcoming tour dates, travel guides, packing lists, wellness tips, giveaways and more! Bellevue — just 10 miles east of Seattle, and the fifth largest city in Washington state, remains one of my favorite places to escape for a little does of luxury. Fine dining, high-end shopping, boutique pastry shops and gorgeous gardens all contribute to Bellevue being one of the most romantic spots in the PNW.

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Bellevue has become a metropolitan city all its own. Whether you are like me who is a Bellevue native or just flying in to visit, you will not miss the ever growing skyline. So if you feel like having a night out on the town, you no longer need to head into Seattle. Bellevue offers 5 star restaurants, hotels, nightlife, coffee shops, shopping and out of the ordinary date spots.

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Based on the way some Seattleites talk about the Eastside, it seems like an untouchable place where you settle down, buy a house with a yard, get a dog or a roombaand send your fleeting youth away in a puff of humidifier smoke. There are also some excellent restaurants and bars. Just try not to laugh hysterically when you see the bill.

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Come for Happy Hour to take advantage of their quality cocktails and also try the 19 different food specials think oysters, sausage sliders with hoisin aioli, and crispy rolls. Pizza options are few and far between in Bellevue, where Pagliacci is the unfortunate default. But for a date or an elegant dinner with a small group, First date Bellevue Stellina is your spot. This place serves artisanal pies with toppings that range from spicy salami and oregano to potato and rosemary. Round out your meal with some sal or charcuterie - and keep an eye out for the pasta specials, too.

This is more of a sit-down spot, with delicious charbroiled burgers that range from American-cheese-topped classics to more involved creations with blue cheese and bacon or green chiles and pepper jack. Wash your meal down with a milkshake and an order of fries for good measure. There are three main things you need to know about this biergarten. First, they have hand shuffleboard.

Bellevue dating: a night out in bellevue

Second, their ale-braised brisket nachos with spicy queso are the ideal bar snack. Third, you can do a shot ski with their homemade cinnamon-chili whiskey. Immediately gather your friends or coworkers together and put all three of these facts to good use. You need this ramen. Fair warning: on weekend nights, the wait can be a little long. People who have never been to Taqueria El Rinconsito before always come out recommending it to all their friends.

And with good reason - this place makes really, really good Mexican food. Grab a cold bottle of beer along with some excellent tacos or a burrito for a pretty perfect lunch. We like Dough Zone because you can walk in for dinner, get a seat immediately, and eat some consistently great dumplings and dandan noodles. Always include the pork jian buns in your order, too.

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Garlic Crush is the Mediterranean restaurant version of that best friend you can count on no matter what your mood is. If you want something vegetarian, get their excellent falafel. If you forgot snacks for your cocktail party, a large order of homemade hummus will have your back. Two words: fresh baklava. Their back patio is perfect for a lunch with the parents, and they make a mean breakfast burrito for weekend brunch.

Sit at a picnic table in the lively dining room and do flights of excellent homemade beer, too. Jujubeet is a solid place to eat cashew cheese, drink a kale smoothie, and fantasize about living in LA. We would make more jokes here, but everything at Jujubeet is actually good.

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Grab something with cacao and protein powder after a workout, or drink some delicious juice made with green things. You could also just do a latte and set up camp with your laptop. There are no wrong ways to do Jujubeet, unless you want a burger. The owner is very friendly, and has been known to give out free Jell-O for dessert. Bellevue Brewing is a taproom that makes some of our favorite beer, period, and they have some great bar snacks, too - like the street tacos, housemade pretzels, and giant wood-fired chicken wings.

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SEA Guide. Here are some excellent restaurants and bars to confirm that. Written by Aimee Rizzo. AmericanSeafood in Bellevue. Vietnamese in Bellevue. PizzaItalian in Bellevue. AmericanBurgers in Bellevue.

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AmericanBar Food in Bellevue. Sorry—looks like you screwed up that address.

Bellevue’s cooler than you think. here are some excellent restaurants and bars to confirm that.

Smart move. Excellent information will arrive in your inbox soon. Do you have friends and family who also eat food? Well done.

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All good. We still like you. Want to quickly find restaurants on the go?

Download The Infatuation app. JapaneseRamen in Bellevue. Mexican in Bellevue. ChineseDim Sum in Bellevue.

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American in Bellevue. GreekMediterranean in Bellevue. Bar FoodPizza in Bellevue.

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