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NHS Test and Trace employee used her details in an attempt to see if she was single. An investigation has been launched after a woman who had returned from a holiday received a flirty text from a government contact tracer sent to check she was isolating.

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Years old: 29
Color of my eyes: Dark hazel
My hair: I've got reddish hair
My figure type: My body features is fat
I prefer to drink: Whisky

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B eside the Langbrook stream the hawthorn is in bud. Clumps of pure white snowdrops quake in the breeze and whorls of wild arums unfurl glossy arrow-shaped leaves. Crinkled green rosettes of primrose push up through the wizened leaves that litter the bank.

Is challenging on muscles while kind to ts.

The cheery lemon and egg-yolk flowers are beginning to open — a promise of spring. Plants are not the only harbingers of the changing season.

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The squeaky bicycle-pump calls of great tits and the high-pitched quaver of a goldcrest drift down from the canopy. They are ed in a choral dress rehearsal by a robin proclaiming its territory and a lusty blackbird singing from its chimney-stack song post. Starlings tune up by wolf-whistling from their rooftop perches, while a chaffinch repeats its dry, descending trill, never quite managing the final flourish. Some birds are already rekindling old relationships or seeking new partners.

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A pair of woodpigeons nestle together on a fence, preening each other's he before clasping bills in a prolonged kiss. I watch two males posture like love-struck teenagers, inflating their bulging pink-flushed chests and bowing low in front of a female. One bobs and turns in circles, cooing huskily, while the other hops stiffly behind the female, attempting to shepherd her away from his rival.

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Seemingly unimpressed, she flaps up to settle on a hazel branch, but one suitor, not ready to admit defeat, alights beside her. He puffs out his white and iridescent purple-green neck feathers, fans his black-banded tail and sidles towards her.

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Dipping her head, she shuffles towards him, her interest aroused. Catkins bounce like lambs' tails as he launches himself from the tree with a clatter.

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He climbs steeply. As he reaches the peak of his flight path he claps his wings together like a whiplash, flashing their white crescent markings at his intended mate as he glides back down.

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Environment Climate change Wildlife Energy Pollution. Country diary Birds.

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Starlings wolf-whistle from the trees as pigeons flirt below. Langstone, Hampshire: A pair of woodpigeons nestle together, preening each other before clasping bills in a prolonged kiss. Spring is in the air: woodpigeons bond.

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Photograph: Alamy. Claire Stares.

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