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Footloose dating Kalamazoo

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So, they ban it. How could something so harmless be illegal?

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Director and star on updating a classic, its subliminal gayness and the making of a new heartthrob

Lets dive on in. Through this shoot my name got brought up as someone who might be willing to help produce some images for the spring musical Footloose. My ideas were to pull from the version of Footloose starring Kevin Bacon. I settled on three images I thought we should carry the spirit of:.

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For 3, Heidi, Ruby, the le and I walked around and had senior-picture time. We found an area where the le could get some good natural backlight on their hair and we were in business.

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Below is the fully edited shot Thanks for editing this, Ruby! Ruby did an excellent job editing this. We still needed a shot of Gabby our female lead. We opted for a well lit brick wall but the harsh sun on her face was a problem. Using a 5-in-1 diffuser, we first shot with her face in shadow until we were satisfied with her expression.

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I love the final Again, Ruby on the edits and diffuser holding. So now lets talk about the jumping and the strobes.

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Already we knew to get a trampoline but how should we light ours? Seeking to recreate the hard-light look with that snow strobe shoot we went with unmodified bare strobes. Oh yeah, and we had wanted to add water into the equation so Heidi is off camera spraying water between me and the subject.

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After dialing in the aperture to for the fading ambient light we went to work…. We decided to separate every component. After many takes, we landed on some gold.

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Next we needed water. Killing the side lights, I had Heidi shoot water as she had earlier. To reduce glare and rainbows, I simply composed my shot with the flash out of frame.

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In post, I rotated the image around to make the light source better match the jumpers. Superimposing the jumpers onto one water shot, I masked a second and third layer of water onto the jumpers to tuck them between water blankets. If you like my work you should like my facebook :. I love how you described every step in such detail.

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You really captured the entire process from start to finish. This makes me so excited to see the show! I love seeing the posters up everywhere-though i have yet to see a billboard…. Jumping 2. Bacon-gaze 3.

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Le together. April 23, at pm. Ruby Tanja.

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