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Fredericksburg VA brides dating agency

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Age: I am 39
Favourite drink: Absinthe
In my spare time I love: Riding a bike
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We loved the show, great turnout, and very interested couples.

We look forward to hosting a winter show with you. Wonderful show, we loved the setting and so glad to be back at a show. Angeline, what a great show! Thank you! Great show, as always, I think we will have quite a few bookings. We had a great time, and we think it was successful.

We have been to quite a few bridal shows, this was the best one we have attended. Great turnout, serious customers. The show was great, I have several le, very upscale, interested prospects. Thank you for including us in our first bridal show event.

We love this space, and the fashion show set up was beautiful.

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You did such a great job organizing it all! Glad I did the show, I booked nine today. This was the best bridal show I have ever participated in. One of the best shows yet, had lots of interest and one couple ed me to set up a tasting while still here.

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Thanks for all of your help in preparing me for the show. We will be doing the February show, good show, great crowd. Wonderful event, I believe many were interested. I would like to do more of your shows. Great group of couples, very interested, could tell they were very high end. We loved the show, made some great contacts.

Will be back for the winter show!

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Thank you, Angeline, for everything! It was a great experience, and I am glad to have participated. I had a great time! Thanks for including me and allowing me to shoot the models!

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I like smaller, more intimate shows much better! Lovely show, we had such a great time! It was so great to meet you on Sunday! I had a total blast at the show. I met so many great couples and vendors. So thankful to have been a part of it! I thought the show went well, thanks for having me. The rain never stopped until we left. Despite the weather, we had an amazing show! My brand ambassadors did an amazing job and pulled through all of our challenges. Look out amazing pictures are coming for the cover of one of the most prestigious Bridal Magazines on the market- Virginia Bride Magazine!

Thank you so much for everything you did! Brent and I both feel the event was a huge success. I heard a lot of great feedback from attendees and met some awesome couples. Our team enjoyed participating in your fun and beautiful event!

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Met a lot of good potential clients. I loved the show set up and venue. I love and appreciate all that you do. The show was amazing!

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I am so glad I did this show, I met so many potential bookings. What a fantastic event it was!! We were able to hand out giveaway items and talk to your lovely audience; and yes of-course we took a picture with David!! We had good traffic and hope to have some confirmed reservations in the near future. I think the decision to add David Tutera Atelier and his line for the bridal show was a good addition.

His participation attracted a quality attendance with deer appeal compared to alternative shows.

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The show was wonderful, we were busy the entire time, and people seemed to really like our pizza! The show was beautiful! Amazing vendors, and I have several firm le that I think will book. I thought the show was awesome.!.

ebony lady Alexa

It was a wonderful experience. I met great people. Looking forward to the next event! See you soon! We enjoyed the show, very nice.

passionate singles Ainsley

Had several interested and one booking already. We had an amazing time at your show! Having the opportunity to meet David, meeting the brides and networking was to me a success for us. You really know how to put on a successful show and it was nice meeting you in person. Everyone was so nice! Very nice show, thanks for having us. Wonderful show, I had a lot of interest, and I think I will be booking quite a few. It was an absolute pleasure and blessing being there yesterday.

We had an amazing time with all the guests. Everyone loved the chairs and wanted to take pictures. We thought it was a nice show, we have quite a bit of le.

We made some great connections with some brides and some vendors. The show was spectacular.

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We really enjoyed it, a lot of interest for our Air Stream. I thought the show was great, we always enjoy being a part of your shows. We thought the show went very well, glad we did this one. I loved that we could have our bus inside, I think it really helped create a lot of interest, since the guests could go inside and check it out. The show was great, we had a good time meeting everyone. We had a great time, thanks! Thank you for a great show!

The show went very well for us. We were glad to be a part of it. I just had the best time and everything was so mesmerizing today. The bridal show was just spectacular. Thanks for another great show! We had a lot of guests interested in our services. It was so wonderful to meet you last weekend and the bridal show was so much fun and such a successful event.

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We really enjoyed the show and look forward to connecting with the le we have! Yes, we were honored to be there and appreciate our warm welcome on Sunday and your follow up following the show. This show was the best show we did this year in Lynchburg, We had so many interested couples!

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We really enjoyed the show, it was so well organized. Thank you. Nice show, we were busy the entire time. People loved our home cooked catering!