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Is 'The ant' On Netflix?

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There's too much good TV to keep up with. This is a universal truth. But with New Year's Day approaching as a prime marathoning opportunity, we present our field guide to catching up on the returning shows set to premiere in early Why you want to be ready for it: Sound the trumpets and prep your anti-social Tumblr posts, Dan Harmon is back in the saddle as Community showrunner and in-joke-maker-in-chief.

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Learn More. Despite a tragic turn of events, Sunny and the team narrow down the suspects. Will they succeed in bringing Walsh's killer to justice?


Having just seen off a libel case, U. Peter deals with a prison riot, an angry daughter, and alarming contacts from a stranger. Meanwhile, an unknown threat looms abroad. As everyone turns against him, Peter follows his motto: "keep moving forward. With the prime minister in trouble, Peter makes a shocking announcement to the nation.

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Glenda Jackson stars as Maud, a woman determined to find her missing friend Elizabeth — but can she solve the mystery of her disappearance before her dementia erases all the clues? Returning intoxicated from a wedding, Jake and Max run down an old man and decide to tell no one. Their cover-up quickly snowballs and the detective closes in on damaging evidence. Sheila adds a new wrinkle to the case.

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Spurred by Angie, Jake probes Max's control of his finances. Jake also grows suspicious of Angie.

Stream it or skip it: ‘atlantic crossing’ on pbs, about the wartime friendship between fdr and the crown princess of norway

Roy tightens the screws on Max by threatening Jake. With facts surrounding Walter's death increasingly in question, Max risks all to come out on top. PBS and other national content producers require that streams of their content be available only within the United States. To determine if a user attempting to watch video content through KET.

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Watch Scheduled Episodes. Episode 1. President Franklin Roosevelt in A year later they must flee the Nazi invasion of their country. S E1 Length Premiere: 4. Recent Episodes. S E8 Length Premiere Date 5. S E7 Length Premiere Date 5.

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S E6 Length Premiere Date 5. S E5 Length Premiere Date 5. S E4 Length Premiere Date 4. S E3 Length Premiere Date 4. Clip Length Premiere Date 4.

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Preview Length Premiere Date 3. Clip Length Premiere Date 5. Clip Length Premiere Date 3.

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Masterpiece TV Schedules. S E2 Length Premiere Date 4. S E1 Length Premiere Date 4.

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Share this video. Atlantic Crossing Episode 1. Paste this code where you want the video to appear. TV Schedule Preferences. Location Help.

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