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Fremont flirting review

They may have dumped the final two Flirty Dancing episodes over in the abyss that is Saturday television, but they can never stop Jenna Dewan from her quest to help people who want to be on reality television attempt to find love whilst dancing.

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Believe it or not, people, there are still some folks out there who are attempting to find love— I apologize in advance — at first dance. I mean, lots of great first dates end with a person drenched in sweat, out of breath, and being hoisted into the air, right? Flirty Dancing just gets that result in a much different, mildly-horrifying way.

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To each her own! This week, we meet two more romantic hopefuls who have handed over the reins of their love lives to dancing fairy godmother Jenna Dewan.

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Will they find love or will they end up looking back on this moment in 10 years like, what in the actual hell was that? Meet our first flirty dancer of the evening: Anna. Anna is a year-old freelance writer and part-time nanny. More important for this show: Anna has never had a boyfriend and she attributes that to some major insecurities she has about being six-foot-two. She wants a man who can handle it.

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Will our impeccably dressed munchkin Jenna be able to find this tall single lady her first boyfriend? Honestly, who knows. What is life?

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A turtleneck, you guys. This starts out a little awkward and Anna and Max have to stare at each other from different sides of the building for what seems like 3, eight-counts and then run down different stairwells and then jauntily walk down the longest hallway ever created until finally meeting in the middle. No, sir. The second half of the dance goes much smoother and it does, indeed, look like some flirty dancing is going on.

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Alas, there are neither horses nor rope dancing. This show is wild. Still, Anna is there twirling her little heart out in the skinniest heels you could slap on a girl and she and Jimmy manage to hit that final lift. No easy feat!

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Poor Max is out there walking the streets of L. Anna and Jimmy seem to have a nice, normal date and bond over being Mid-Westerners, but when we get the update at the end of the show, we learn that this relationship fizzled out immediately. Now this is the Flirty Dancing content I had been hoping for! Forget youngsters looking for love, I want to watch a retiree try to find romance again. Ted is 68, and he starts choking up talking about his late wife of 25 years, who passed four years prior.

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He is too precious for this show. But, alas, Ted wants to move forward with his life because, as he tells Jenna, life is short and he wants to enjoy it.

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Kari went through a tough divorce and is looking for a love that lasts. Did you guess that? If so, go you!

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When year-old franchise consultant Judy is asked about her dance experience, she breaks down into tears! She lost her husband 15 years ago and started dancing as a form of therapy.

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They are getting the romantic dance, after all. She winks! She should win for the winking alone. Also a goodas both Jenna and Sharna point out, Ted and Judy barely break eye contact throughout the dance.

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Ted tells Jenna there were sparks for him, but his decision seems more up in the air than others have been. The Second Date: Ted meets Kari for a second date!

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I hope she goes home, does some yoga, and then embroiders that saying onto a throw pillow. I knew it! In their update, they are still very much together because, hello, flossing is the way to true love.

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Flirty Dancing recap: Finding love at sea on a floating dance floor. Save FB Tweet More.

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