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Island KY i dating a loser

Kaye Tucker thought she had come up with a clever idea. If everything fell into place just right, she could accomplish two things at once: transform the Alamo into a world-class historical site and help an aging British rock star clean out his basement. The path to that strange opportunity began about a decade ago, when Tucker was given an important asment.

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Thursday, Aug. I came to The Garden Island newspaper to inform people of my situation that I am in so as to help me and others.

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Nothing is being done to fix it. I know in my personal situation, they have lied to make me look like a pedophile, thief, abuser, hater, etc. Then they tell people it is me that is bad or have bad karma. They have destroyed my career of 17 years operating heavy equipment, destroyed my 18 years partnership with my friend and wife.

Yes, I am a lesbian, much of this is because of that.

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Homophobes assume all LGBT people are pedophiles. They are destroyers, not builders of love, faith and hope.

People have told me, sometimes, of what was said to them. An example is a woman I was working with who told me that she was told to lie to help get me fired. Then she never spoke to me again, as if she was afraid. Many people have been brave enough to tell me but many have not.

I have been on the island of Kauai for eight days. The same harassment has already started here with trying to interfere in my job prospects. I passed all drug tests and passed interviews the third day that I was here.

I am telling you this to let you know I am being stalked, harassed and kept from working by people telling lies. I am not part of a game, team, volunteer or anything like it for Hollywood or anywhere else.

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I have been to police and FBI in other states to file complaints. I am trying to inform good people of the tactics of these terrorists so you can understand and know if it happens to you. I had a good life with a wonderful wife, an excellent career, lots of family and friends and activities.

All of this has been stolen by terrorists using cult tactics to try to force me to marry a man, have kids and live a life other than what I had built for myself.

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I have a rainbow family: a brother-in-law that is half-Japanese, two African-American sisters-in-law, a nephew-in-law that is of Mexican descent. I am going to go to local police to file paperwork. The only thing I can do is give the evidence when it comes up. They do have professionals who can track the cyber criminals doing the blocking of s because it gives them s and trails to follow. If these things are happening to you, please turn it in and follow through with trying to get these people put in prison where they belong. They have the ability to make fake videos, fake news and fake conversations!

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All of which, I have been told by various people, has been done to me. I am here for only good intentions of island life of the aloha spirit with my beautiful, future wife. I am looking for steady employment and staying on Kauai. I hope to be able to write more information about these topics from my personal experience of being the victim of gang stalking and human trafficking.

First of all, Garden Island, did you really print this story?

There are much better Psychiatrists and Health facilities on the mainland that could be of help to you Rose from the standpoint of dealing with your horrible situation. May this unfortunate Rose find the help she needs. Everyone in our family who read this is heartbroken for her pain. Unfortunately, a lot of people in the same boat as Rose find their way to Kauai. She is right, there are estimates of Both me and my wife were targeted, they will defame,smear and destroy your life and relationships. It is society corruption, evil, and demonic.

The evil clients, organizers, handlers, and perps are persecuting the TIs. This is true,I have been going through the same situation as rose for the last years, somethng has got to be done! I have had past of this and escape vowed to be that one to prove it and bust it. I was. I became maybe part of an intent to traumatize that left me a vulnerable kid, I was terrorized and it had to be a gain for profit thing or something.

I escape and also consider that they sometimes let m ouse go to then take it back.

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I walked out of isolated trauma and a family who only become reactive if I escape them and thrive. I began to thrive gain and began toward ion unravel who got to me and induce torture on me. I was an artist nuyc honors no drugs no lesbian and a smart kid with out any history. This has been happening across Wisconsin south of Lacrosse, WI. They are disgusting groups of liers and due to the pretty girls in their group quickly make friends with people wherever you go or work to harass you. We all wish they had decided to make a choir group instead. My life is ruined by all the lies they have been spreading.

No-one should ever have to go through this!!! If you can ever get a pictures of plates you should. If you can show these same people are stalking you in multiple location s by paper trail evidence such as background check then you have them. I have been a targeted individual for 10 years which resulted in the death of my husband. I do know who my perps are.

I am from alabama.

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I was targeted by mafia cop jason mize, cooper Guantanamo bay cuba jail guard a jeff co sherriff and local mafia members. Walker county police mafia. Ed Coke head Odum. I moved away to california where it started. My landlord ex cop Jorge Antonio Sanchez valley west told me to enjoy the voices.

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My cousin is a kkk member he also put me on a list. They stole my new born baby girl. me. I have friends on my side. I know a bunch of federal police involved in narcotics trafficking. Rsedberrytwo gmail. It is real and it is going to stop!!!! Myself and my 8 year old have been victims this whole year of Moved to a different state and I am still experiencing same attacks.

How can I make them go away?

Its such a rough way to cope. Anonymous, I am in Southeast Wisconsin. I have been harassed since divorcing a police officer. People were placed in my life I should say men for trafficking reasons. I have no doubt there are videos of my somewhere on the dark web for these pervert pieces of trash to watch. Some of these TI groups purporting to assist a victim in this program simply send out their perpetrators to further discredit and damage the real victim.

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I have met some awful people in Southeastern Wisconsin. They systematically picked my life apart. I lost my house, my car, my marriage and when I contacted authorities I never heard back from them.

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Believe on the Son of God and you will be saved. We think we are temporary but we are eternal, do not believe that this world just accidentally happened. It did notJesus is Love and truth incarnate and they hate him because of it.