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The seat Cobb's Comedy Club was added as a larger venue. Emerging performers included W.

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Updated: August 20, am. What a great comment: We are all like snowflakes. No matter how many there are, there are no two alike. Dear Mr Lang: I'm sure the people of Planville are not upset that you don't want to live there. So you are a prison chaplain. In other words you have a captive audience. Whoppi-dee, sounds a little dull and boring to me. I was really disturbed at the comment made by Bill Lang who said that Plainville was a terrible place to grow up.

How wrong he is. Ask any of the Guestbook readers who came from Plainville and I assure you they will agree with me that it was the best place to grow up! The name of a town means nothing, it is the people in the town that make it, and Plainville had some of the best people I ever met.

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There was plenty to do and we were also brought up to have a bit of ingenuity and created our own entertainment as well. Shame on you for judging a great place without any knowledge of what it was really like. Also, Mr. Howard did not "grow up" there. Evidently he resided there after he married.

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By the way, thanks Pats for a great entertaing and exciting year! Lang doesn't have a clue what living in Plainville was like growing up. It was a great place to grow up in and I wish Mr. Lang would keep his unkind remarks to himself. I hope all the people who lived in Plainville will respond to Mr. Dear Bill: I'm so sorry that you feel that Plainville is a sad place to live because there is nothing to do there. Perhaps Plainville is no longer the town of my memories, but I suspect that it still has a fair share of good people who reside there.

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I will probably never reside in Plainville again, but that doesn't mean I don't like it there. Please, let's try to all be kinder to others in everyday doings as well as in this Guestbook. There is nothing to be gained by animosity. Terry, can you post that blademeat recipe for us lost locals?

And Mr. Howard, what can I say. Life's short, Chill.

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I was gonna call Park Tavern for the blademeat to see if they'd send me some, but then I found this recipe. Also for stuffies and clamcakes, try www. Seems to be a lot more people sending in comments lately. Howard has a way of getting under people's skin. What's the big deal? I have been wondering for months how old Mr. Howard is and where you are from. Thanks for telling us. Plainville explains it all! That's it. What a terrible place to have had to live.

Who would have ever wanted to live in Plainville? There's nothing there! One lady said something about the bridge but has yet to say what was going on under the bridge. What a dull place - Plainville. The name says it all. I loved the whole area - graduated from Feehan in I go back about once a year because my parents are still alive but would never consider moving back.

The past is the past and we all have some great memories but that is all they are - memories. I am a chaplain in a federal prison now and listen to many, many stories and know more than my share of sad people. We all had it pretty good - and yes, we are all in need of redemption!

I think there is a good church located in a former store just down from the Chinese restaurant, near where the old paper store used to be in NA. I can't even remember the names of the old businesses any more. Terry, please give my regards to your mom and tell her Art Carvalho's daughter wishes her a speedy recovery. Rich, I may not agree with a lot of what you say, but I do feel you have the right to say it. I think that there are many of you who are angry as Rich by the comments you make.

I also agree with the fact that he makes this column interesting. Does anyone have any more memories to share? I would like this Guestbook to allow me to extend my deepest sympathies to Tom, Bob, Bev and Doreen Shuannesy on the passing of their wife and-or mother.

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I grew up within shouting distance from the family in N. We used to go to their home in the Fifties after school at the invitation of Bev and watch American Bandstand. I have a lot of memories of the family and just saw Bev's husband Rusty at my 45th reunion in November. If any of you see Bob, remind him that we ran into each other at Waikiki Beach in while I was stationed there and his ship was in Pearl Harbor. Ahhhhh, sweet memories, seems like a billion years ago. In any case, God bless you all and you are all in my prayers. Sincerely, Dick Rich Howard. I like to come to the Guestbook and see if there is anyone I know who visited.

I am young so alot of what people write about I do not remember. My days in NA were in the s and early 90s before I moved. I wish more people would write memories from then. Mark's, and a lot of other fond youthful memories. My private e-mail is listed below but I chose not not to it because I have been verbally attacked by someone here before.

My private e-mail is for friends, relatives, business colleagues. It is not a forum for opininated people who feel like our e-mails are doors that they must repeatedly knock on to get us to listen to their view and convert. I do not enjoy this Guestbook as much with all the long whinings. I do enjoy reading my Sun Chronicle. I look forward to being able to read everything soon by on-line pay subsciption.

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Thank you. As I have said so many times before in so many ways, I am not angry that you disagree with some of my comments. This, after all, is America and we are supposed to enjoy the right to disagree. What riles me is some of you hide behind this curtain of anonominity, wearing it like a suit of armor while myself and Mr. Owen, among others, choose to be up front and open and therefore accept the slings and arrows and compliments as ourselves.

I also have stated that the publisher or editor himself is the one who made the suggestion that we debate via e-mail. Some of you refuse to do that, but still take the opportunity to send me your hate via the Guestbook. Not a level playing field. When I mention that, you never comment on it, like it was never said. Why is that? Tell the publisher you disagree with him also, not just me. I think sometimes that "spineless" is not a strong enough description.

This is like shadow boxing. So if the likes of "Zelda" from Attleboro still choose to hide, then so be it. But, Zelda, I hereby invite you to "amaze" me. I can take it.