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Meeting people in Lansing MI

If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Lansing with a dating guide then you will have all the answers you need very soon. This post will be discussing where to pick up single women and also some great spots for a date night.

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Dear Friends. We have suspended in-person Meetings for Worship until it is safe to meet again in person. Red Cedar Friends has envisioned several ways of keeping Friends connected as a beloved community. We now offer worship via Zoom both at a. Any parents of young first day students 6 and under and those who care for them in the corner classroom are invited to the RCF Zoom link at 10 a.

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This might be weird, but I just moved to the Lansing area graduated from MTU inand I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on where to meet some new friends. I've looked at the meetup groups but tend to get scared off by the "we're 50, french fry lovers" tags. I mean, I can dig french fries, but seriously, calm down.

If there's anyone out there in the Lansing area that's in the same boat, let me know!

Meeting type:

I'm a girl is that weird to say? I don't know, it seems pertinent. I'm just looking for someone to hang out with. I like to write. I'm an art student part time so drawing is cool too. I have a dumb looking dog that I like to walk around with. I run a lot, am thinking about trying yoga. I'm rambling now, so that's cool. Make sure to drive on the new MI Ave pavement before winter kills it. Come hang out with us on the Eastside, The Ave is a great hang out. Check them out on the Facebook. At the risk of stemming the tide of the paranoia surrounding your upcoming internet related abduction; what side of town are you on?

Eastside, Westside, Old Town? That will dictate a lot of what I suggest. If you're looking for fitness clubs I have a few suggestions. I actually really enjoyed the family environment that the south side Y offers. Each branch has a good variety of group exercise classes such as yoga, zumba, cardio, etc. I'm a personal fan of East Lansing Hot Yoga.

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I've been going their for a couple years now and my girlfriend has just been certified by their teaching program. Allen park farmers market is every Wednesday and it is a staple for the eastside. I'm an eastsider and love it. The bar selection is great. The green door always has great rock and roll music.

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The avenue is fun and is a younger crowd and is always doing shows and fun events. Moriaty's has darts. Stobers has pretty cool people. Their are a couple dog parks in Lansing.

The religious society of friends (quakers) in lansing

And the river trail is great for walking. MSU has a beautiful campus this time of year and with 50k students you can most definitely make a friend. Also go check out the English Inn south of lansing. It's beautiful and has a nice little pub and friendly bartenders. PM if you have any questions.

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I've been living here for 8 years and have been in hospitality for most of that time. I honestly spend most of my time at Eastwood town center or the avenue. Thanks so much! This is so beyond helpful, I'll be sure to check all of these things out, especially the east lansing hot yoga. I've been wanting to try that for a while!

Old Town has art gallery walks once a month. There is a running club that some people I know at MSU are in. If you like biking, there is the lansing bike party. People are pretty into their dogs around here, so there are a lot of do inclusive events. Look on the east lansing events .

Looking to make friends groups in lansing

The greater lansing events has more events but is poorly deed. As a female, I feel like this post is putting yourself a bit at risk. Predators are all over, and you can't always live in fear, but anonymous posts on Reddit saying you're female and lonely? If you like dogs, hang out at the dog park.

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If you like yoga, some yoga classes. the Y, talk to people there. Become a regular at a coffee place. If you like to read and write, a writing group. Listen to the Current State podcast. They often discuss interesting museum events or political talks or things like that you can attend. You'll meet friends doing these things if you are open to it. Thanks for the concern, can't say I'm worried that the internet is going to nab me from this post though.

Just looking for more concrete suggestions than, "go hang out alone at a place and hope someone talks to you", but if that's what it's going to be then I guess that's what it is. I am a white male and am upvoting and commenting on this to keep it near the top. It's all basically relevant.

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That said, if you like games board games, stuff like that, I know you didn't mention it theres a tuesday night board game group that meets at the michigan brewing company downtown every tuesday night. Sorry if it's not helpful, but it's all I got in the moment. East Lansing might be better for meeting people your age, as it's a college town and you're a recent grad.

Here's a look at some looking to make friends groups near lansing.

Bubble Island is a nice alcohol-free meetup place with lots of seating and board games and stuff. I think there might even be a board game meetup group that meets somewhere in east lansing, if you're in to such nerdiness you're an MTU grad so I assume the nerd is strong with you. There's occasionally live music at Espresso Royal, which is another fairly chill hangout.

A yoga class would be ideal for meeting other women, I would think. Also, this is coming up soon, if you like indy films.

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My gf has had a lot of success meeting other girls on Bumble BFF since we moved here. Tuesday nights are board game nights at Midtown Brewing Company.

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Great crowd, very welcoming. Hope to see you there after you vote on Tuesday!

Enjoy dating lansing girls

Making friends in Lansing. Posted by 5 years ago.

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Anyway, let me know if you have some suggestions! Sort by: best.

Lansing friends

Eastside don't abduct me, I'll punch your face. Continue this thread. Kevin :. Up vote for pretty much covering the Eastside. Awesome, thanks! Take your dog to Preuss Pets!

Search for local 50+ singles in lansing

I'll definitely be checking all those out, thanks so much!! I'll be sure to check it out, thanks! I might have to go check this out! More posts from the lansing community. A subreddit for the Greater Lansing Michigan Community. Created Oct 27, Top posts november 2nd Top posts of november, Top posts Back to Top.