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Native Paterson NJ men dating black women

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In that 1. A year old woman shows a picture she keeps of former NBA player Tim Thomas, a treasure to her, because the Paterson native once visited the building, but that was a long time ago, she says. In a mayoral election season, one man becomes the natural focal point of blame. No one who knows him seems to dislike incumbent Mayor Jeff Jones. Graves and continues to face the consequences of laying-off police officers to cope with a budget crisis, critics bash his sitting administration for lack of visibility.

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If they happen to be running for mayor, they bash with relish. There was no communication anymore. She wants to win. See pictures here.

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They come at the contest from very different vantage points, with single mother Davila very much a Democratic Party player who worked hard to re-elect U. Bill Pascrell D-9 in The father of three, he radiates future political star when he walks down the street. Too often I see police focusing on traffic. We have shootings in Paterson. We can definitely disagree, but at the same time, we need to find a solution.

Twelve years on the council, Morris faces some irritation in the African-American community among certain pastors critical of him for taking the lead role into an investigation of the Jones administration over Hurricane Irene overtime pay. But sources continue to talk about a longstanding friendly relationship between him and Torres… Mayoral Street Notes: Pascrell on the Trail with Sayegh and Goow goes 4 th Ward The appearance of a struggling Jones and three Latinos in the contest -Torres, in a quest to get back to City Hall by all appearances leading the way — sends at least two other candidates onto old Jones and Torres terrain looking to strip votes away in a play for new leadership.

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Council President Andre Sayegh on Saturday afternoon looked like he was ready to high hurdle a privet hedge if it meant grabbing a constituent. While simultaneously carrying on about 15 conversations on 15 different topics with 15 different people, the electric candidate ran across the street, grabbed the hand of an unsuspecting resident, and while momentarily suspending all interference around him, gave that person his friendly, undivided attention; then pivoted, sprinted back across the street and engaged another homeowner.

This kind of activity has impressed the Pascrells — the congressman father and his three sons — who see a younger version of their patriarch in the voraciously political Sayegh, who skirted a pothole in the middle of the road that looked like the impact site of an asteroid but not before finding a nearby griping neighbor and leaving his card and phone. In the hardest terms, Sayegh fights to get African American voters to think of him as more than white, Arabs to see him as more than non-Muslim, and Latinos to think of him as more than an Arab.

He plays the education card.

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He went to Seton Hall — graduated with honors; attended Columbia University to get his Masters in public policy. He projects high energy and willing work rate. Goow had a bad week last week. Redemption has been granted to many people who have turned their lives around — including police officers, fire fighters, judges, and many elected officials, and, yes, myself. But with redemption also comes responsibility. A responsibility to live our lives with integrity and to help our youth rebuild their futures.

I have striven to do that, I believe I have made a difference in their lives, and I will continue to do so as Mayor. He was in the area of Rosa Parks. Two men on a front stoop looked up and looked squeamish. Goow extended his hand, looked them both in the eye. Both men reluctantly warmed but only momentarily.

The political passion of paterson: goow campaigns in the 4th, pascrell to vote for sayegh, torres backers party at makao

A lone woman stood inside amid the spinning as Goow strode up and held out his arm. Gravel crunched in the driveway as Sayegh, sporting an ear piece phone, pulled up behind the wheel of a sedan with Arab-American leader Al Abdelaziz.

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Eighty-year year old local legend Larry Duffy had invited both Sayegh and Pascrell to the same event. When Sayegh arrived, the scrappy older politician was already head first in a pile of constituents. Duffy happily surveyed his handiwork: kids in baseball caps eager to put their hands on the gold trophies at the front of the room. I would have been in a lot of trouble without sports. When I see these kids — many of them showing up here to play ball without the support of parents — it hurts.

Paterson, new jersey

Back in the 4 th Ward, Goow vowed to keep going until darkness. He and his team gained access to a senior citizens high rise, boarded the elevator and rose to the 15 th floor. Some team members looked fatigued; others robust. A hobbled Veronica Ovalles learned the hard way when she campaigns with Goow to leave the high heels behind. Oneglia had the clipboard and the battle plan and Goow took the lead pounding on doors. Mark my words. The Democrats overreached in this election and they will not be able to withstand the backlash.

Those freeholder seats next year?

New jersey

Just watch. Two people got killed over here the other night. You hear gunshots all the time. Let me tell you something. You have to vote. Vote for me if you want safer and cleaner streets. When someone called his name, he ran across the street to find an outstretched hand. On the other side of town, Davila appeared, and hastily up held two s of herself as she prepared for the next campaign stop in her ongoing effort to secure one of three seats.

The night descended on Paterson. A backbeat was going south of Market.

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Someone over on the East side saw the mayor buying a ginger ale. One of his allies quietly praises him for muscling into a deal already done by Pascrell for the Great Falls deation, and making sure, in the name of the late great Larry Doby, that the feds recognize Hinchcliffe Stadium as a national landmark.

Another car swung wildly to avoid a pothole near Dover Street, where a merengue rhythm flowed out of the Makao Lounge as partiers in shimmery shirts and backless gowns with sequins and stilettos and platforms and red skirts poured through the double doors and into the bowels of the bar and pressed closer and closer and the atmosphere combined politics and fever. An indictment-weakened Rodriguez, and first-time candidate Maria Teresa Feliciano — lacking a long-nurtured base — make him the only credible Latino in the contest — and the only one with an executive record, his allies argue and insist, with finger-pointing passion up and down the bar.

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From afar, Saygh allies panned the event as glitz and glam with little telling political firepower. The Torres camp concludes otherwise. The surge of cheers and catcalls from Torres supporters lifted from the strobe-lit dance floor and engulfed him. We get it: you like to have control of your own internet experience. But advertising revenue helps support our journalism. To read our full stories, please turn off your ad blocker.

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