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The Empire State is a place where cultures meet and create the melting pot of American society. Filled with beautiful natural landscapes and exciting urban areas, New York is an exciting place to gett married. Whether you want to have a ceremony in the serene resorts and ranches Upstate or prefer something special like a New York Public Library wedding, you have plenty of New York wedding venues to choose from for your celebration.

Follow your wedding checklist to make sure everything is done on time. When starting to find out about all the many details of how to get married in New York, you may find yourself wondering about elopements. While you can certainly have an unofficial ceremony with your loved ones at the spur of the moment, making things legal will take a bit more time.

Getting a marriage is easy enough — simply fill out the application and payment with the city clerk. You'll be handed your within moments. Unfortunately, though, it takes 24 hours for the paperwork to become legally recognized. Getting a marriage is simple. Gather your paperwork, including proper identification in the form of a driver's or passport, and bring along any documentation of your divorce if you were ly married.

Next, fill out your application.

It's available online but will need to be printed and delivered to the Office of the City Clerk. You'll have your in hand in moments. Your New York wedding wouldn't be complete without a registered officiant presiding over the affair. All officiants must be registered with the state before they can legally perform ceremonies, so you'll want to keep that in mind as you search for the perfect candidate. We offer a helpful list of qualified officiants, but if you have your heart set on a friend or family member doing the job, they'll have to get certified.

New York weddings vary as much as the couples who choose to marry in the state. According to The Knot Real Weddings Study, 94 percent of couples who wed in Long Island opt for a semiformal or formal event, as do 92 percent of Manhattan couples and 90 percent of those who marry in New York City wedding venues in the outer boroughs.

Affairs in the Hudson Valley and Capital District are also pretty formal, with 87 to 88 percent of couples selecting a semiformal or formal affair.

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Indoor ceremonies are popular in Manhattan, where 71 percent of couples choose a religious building, hotel or resort venue. But in the Hudson Valley and Capital District areas, 47 and 43 percent of couples opt for an outdoor ceremony. How do you compare with other couples saying "I do" in the Empire State? Grooms follow a similar pattern, ranging in age from almost 31 years in the Capital District to 35 in Manhattan. Planning a New York wedding is a major event. Inthe average wedding in Manhattan had guests. With an average of guests, Long Island weddings are large affairs.

Knowing what others spend on their weddings is a great way for setting and sticking to your budget. Start with a tool like The Knot Budgeter. Then take a look at the average expenses for a wedding, like the ceremony and reception venues, floral arrangements, rentals, New York wedding photographers and reception bands. Above is a breakdown of what couples spent in With so many places to get married in the state of New York, it may seem mind-boggling when choosing your idyllic spot for your ceremony and reception.

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To start, check out the following popular areas for wedding venues:. Meeting with caterers for food tastings, trying on gowns and picking out song lists is fun, but you also have to take care of a few legal matters during the planning process. You must apply for and receive a New York marriage and make sure you have the necessary permits for the ceremony and reception.

Although there's no blood test or physical exam required for a marriageyou must swear that you and your prospective spouse are not family members. A New York marriage is valid for 60 days and can be used in any part of the state regardless of where you apply for it.

To apply for a marriage in New York, you need to apply for the at a local city clerk's office. Here you need to present identification and pay the fee with a credit card or money order. Acceptable identification includes a New York identification card, driver's with photograph, military identification card, US permanent resident card or US employment authorization card. If either of you is younger than 18 years of age, you also need parental consent from both parents and proof of date of birth.

When you apply for the marriageyou and your partner must disclose any marriages and provide dates of the divorce, annulment or death. You also need to indicate whether either of you will change your name after the ceremony. You'll receive the valid marriage before you leave the clerk's office.

But there is a hour waiting period before you may use it. You must return the ed to the clerk's office within 15 days after the ceremony. After recording the marriage, the clerk's office returns the certified marriage certificate to the officiant. You need to stay in touch with the officiant to pick up your certificate.

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New York only recognizes marriages performed by a member of the clergy or an authorized official of the state. This person must be registered with the city or town for authorization to perform the ceremony. You also need at least one other witness to the. The state recognizes the following people as officiants:. If you want to exchange vows in one of these locations, you need a permit. You can apply for a Special Events permit through the office that manages the state or local park.

How to get married in new york

When you apply for the permit, the office will also share with you the guidelines and restrictions for the park. Most parks restrict the of guests and hours for the wedding, do not allow tents or canopies, and prohibit amplified noise and catering. Some counties also limit the of permits they allow each day. For example, Nassau County allows two wedding permits each day at each location. When you submit your application for a New York marriageyou have to let the clerk know whether or not you plan to change your name. The clerk then records this on the official certificate.

You can start using your new name socially, but if you want to make it official, you need to change your identification documents and information. To do this, you must first update your Social Security card to reflect your new name. Then you can change your driver's .

From here, you must contact your bank, credit card companies and utility groups to update your information. These companies typically want to see your new ID and the marriage certificate to complete this process.

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Check out our article for more information about how to change your name or try a service like HitchSwitch that helps you simplify the process. Whether you want to marry on a specific date like the anniversary of your first date or engagement or simply love the ambience or climate of a certain season, choosing a wedding date is an important decision. Knowing the most popular seasons for New York weddings as well as key events and festivals in the area will help you select a date that works well for you and your guests. Finding venues and vendors during the peak season is sometimes challenging.

At the same time, your guests may have trouble locating hotel rooms and getting around town when flocks of people are visiting for a festival or major event happening during your wedding.

New York state shines in the fall when the temperature dips, apples are reading for picking, and the leaves change color. It is also peak wedding season across the state. The same is true in the rest of the state. Forty-eight percent of couples in the Westchester and Hudson Valley area, 42 percent of couples in the outer boroughs and 35 percent of Long Island couples opted for autumnal nuptials.

When it comes to weddings, summer is a close second to fall, and in Upstate New York, this is the most popular season for weddings.

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Forty-three percent of the weddings in the area take place during June, July or August. Thirty-eight percent of the couples who married in Long Island opted for summer, while 34 percent of Manhattanites, 32 percent of those in the Westchester and Hudson Valley area, and 27 percent of couples in the outer boroughs followed suit.

There is a reason winter is the least popular season for weddings—few want to brave the cold, blustery air that covers the state from December through February.

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Winters are long and cold in the Adirondack region, with average temperatures dropping to 13 degrees below zero. Although the central and western parts of the state fair slightly better thanks to the winds off the Great Lakes, winter is still frigid.