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Some important factors include religious fasting holidays, cultural views of mental illness, and family structures.

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Property tax calendar for auditors and treasurers

Medical expenses must be reasonable and must be for necessary medical care as provided in subdivision 2. This paragraph shall not be deemed to alter the obligations of an insured or the rights of a reparation obligor as set forth in section 65B. For the purposes of this section, "managed care services" is defined as any program of medical services that uses health care providers managed, owned, employed by, or under contract with a health plan company.

Compound drugs shall not be dispensed without first obtaining preauthorization from redbook dating Minnesota reparation obligor. Loss of income includes the costs incurred by a self-employed person to hire substitute employees to perform tasks which are necessary to maintain the income of the injured person, which are normally performed by the injured person, and which cannot be performed because of the injury.

If the injured person returns to employment and is unable by reason of the injury to work continuously, compensation for lost income shall be reduced by the income received while the injured person is actually able to work.


The weekly maximums may not be prorated to arrive at a daily maximum, even if the injured person does not incur loss of income for a full week. A plan of reparation security issued to or renewed with a person who has attained the age of 65 or who has attained the age of 60 years and is retired and receiving a pension, must provide disability and income loss benefits under section 65B.

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An election by the insured not to have this coverage remains in effect until revoked by the insured. The reparation obligor shall notify a person of the person's rights under this section at the time of the sale or the first renewal of the policy after the insured has attained the age of 60 years and at least annually after that.

Minnesota house of representatives

The rate for any plan for which coverage has been excluded or reduced pursuant to this section must be reduced accordingly. This section does apply to self-insurance. Replacement service loss benefits shall reimburse all expenses reasonably incurred by or on behalf of the nonfatally injured person in obtaining usual and necessary substitute services redbook dating Minnesota lieu of those that, had the injured person not been injured, the injured person would have performed not for income but for direct personal benefit or for the benefit of the injured person's household; if the nonfatally injured person normally, as a full time responsibility, provides care and maintenance of a home with or without children, the benefit to be provided under this subdivision shall be the reasonable value of such care and maintenance or the reasonable expenses incurred in obtaining usual and necessary substitute care and maintenance of the home, whichever is greater.

All replacement services loss sustained on the date of injury and the first seven days thereafter is excluded in calculating replacement services loss.

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For the purposes of definition under sections 65B. Questions of the existence and the extent of dependency shall be questions of fact, considering the support regularly received from the deceased. Payments shall be made to the dependent, except that benefits to a dependent who is or an incapacitated person may be paid to the dependent's surviving parent or guardian. Payments shall be terminated whenever the recipient ceases to maintain a status which if the decedent were alive would be that of dependency.

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Survivors replacement services loss benefits shall reimburse expenses reasonably incurred by surviving dependents after the date of the decedent's death in obtaining ordinary and necessary services in lieu of those the deceased would have performed for their benefit had the decedent not suffered the injury causing death, minus expenses of the survivors avoided by reason of the decedent's death. Menu House Minnesota House of Representatives. Minnesota Senate.

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t Departments, Offices, and Commissions. Schedules, Calendars, and Legislative Business.

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Legislative Committees. Statutes, Laws, and Rules.


Office of the Revisor of Statutes. Revisor Menu.

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Authenticate PDF. Medical expense benefits. Compound drugs shall not be dispensed without first obtaining preauthorization from the reparation obligor; 3 ambulance and all other transportation expenses incurred in traveling to receive other covered medical expense benefits; 4 interpreting and language translation services, other than such services provided by a family member of the patient, related to the receipt of medical, surgical, x-ray, optical, dental, chiropractic, hospital, extended care, nursing, and rehabilitative services; and 5 hospital, extended care, and nursing services.

Person convicted of insurance fraud. Disability and income loss benefits. Disability and income loss benefits election; senior citizens.

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Funeral and burial expenses. Replacement service and loss.

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Survivors economic loss benefits. Survivors replacement services loss. Property damage exclusion. Martin Luther King Jr. Paul, MN

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