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A lot of out-of-towners have asked me about diversity and the best places to live in Phoenix. The answer is No. Black people amount to 7 percent of the Maricopa County population US Census Bureau and we are spread out all over the Phoenix metropolitan area.

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In European folklore, moths were regarded as witches. Not a big stretch. Witches are creatures of the night. Moths are creatures of the night. Witches can transform themselves….

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Moths can transform themselves metamorphosis …. Witches fly.

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Moths fly. Witches have long noses. Moths have long noses. All hail the Black Witch Moth. It might be a harbinger of death—or a that your future includes a lucky lottery ticket. They are common in these parts. Reports of large, bat-like moths surprising people, frequently as they return home and are unlocking their front door, are not uncommon.

We spooked several Black Witch Moths on a recent visit to the Santa Ana Wildlife refuge in the Rio Grande Valley, where they roosted under wooden benches and in the eaves of the breezeway near the entrance to the visitor center.

When these big boys flush, they get your attention. Black Witch Moth Caterpillars like legumes and can reach three inches. Photo via www. Females have a white, sometimes iridescent stripe across their wings with wings open. Males exhibit the plain, grey, brown mottled pattern commonly associated with moths, but with small dark eyespots on each forewing.

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Black Witch Moth caterpillars eat legumes, and favor acacia and mesquite. They are perfectly harmless, not an agricultural pest, and have no teeth or stingers.

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The folklore surrounding Black Witch Moth, like the moth itself, is all over the map. Some believe if a Black Witch Moth enters the home of someone who is ill, the person will die.

A variation on the folk wisdom suggests that the moth must travel to each corner of the house for death to occur. Here in South Texas, some believe if a Black Witch Moth roosts over your door, you will win the lottery. For details, click on the map. Map courtesy www.

Quinn has recorded more than records so far, including a ificant record in Maine, in mid June. Entomologists note that Monarch butterflies start crossing the Rio Grande and take two months to reach Canada. Scientists wonder why the Black Witch Moth migrates so far north with no southbound return? In the movie Silence of the Lambs, serial killer Hannibal Lechter inserted cocoons of Black Witch Moths into the mouths of his victims as a weird gesture of transformation.

Black Witch Moths also like tree sap. Good luck! Serial killer Hannibal Lechter inserted actual Black Witch Moth cocoons into the mouths of his victims in the movie, Silence of the Lambs.

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I think they are beautiful. Turn the pic of the moth above upside down and it looks like a fat toad!! The moth was no longer able to fly old age? An exquisitely beautiful being with a rare presence.

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I really felt blessed. Lucky you.

Black witch moth: large, common, bat-like, and harmless

Funny how the folk wisdom ranges the gamut from death to luck. Thanks for writing, Mobi. They roost at my house at least twice a year. They are stunning! I thought the Cecropia silk moth held the title of largest moth in North America. Maybe the black witch is the largest Noctuid moth and the Cecropia is the largest moth overall. Experts, please clarify. Do you have a picture of the moth? Did it look paler than the usual Black Witch? Send me the picture if you have it! We just found a black witch moth on our back porch in the corner. We are in Michigan. Never heard of them. In a friend Rolf Patterson found a white witch resting on the side of a pecan tree in Seguin, TX.

It was enormous, and a little bit tattered, but over 10 inches across wingtips. The overall color was ashy grey to white with irregular black markings on the upper side which were perfect camouflage against the maturity pecan bark.

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The underside was a salmon or orange color with dark brownish black lines. I just came across a Black Witch moth at work in Lake Arrowhead California a week ago, and just like one of your readers noticed that it was dying and brought it home.

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I put my hand to it, and it crawled on without hesitation. I shared it with my best friend and ex-wife the same person As we talked about my experience with him, it was a male, it passed away on the table of our deck in the back yard. When I first saw him I felt an overwhelming flood of emotions, and could not figure out why, until I realized that It felt like I was seeing God. I cried uncontrollably, off and on for hours. I felt blessed as well. In looking back it could have aled the end of my marriage, but the beginning of a new relationship with my ex.

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I still have him in a shadow box in the dinning room. A pivotal interaction that I will never forget. Although it normally applies to the relieving of emotional tensions through a reaction to art, I think the term catharsis applies here….

Best wishes to you. Now let your ex out of that shadow box! I am glad I found your website and information. I have had a wondrous experience last month with a Black Witch Moth landing on my head. Last August 17 at 2am in my kitchen of my condo in San Diego, I had been stressed out and not sleeping because my father was suddenly in ICU, on life support and I could not sleep at all.

I was the one responsible for him and the nurses were talking to me late into the night. I was getting ready to go to bed and felt something on my head. I brushed my head and a large bat…I thought…flew to the counter. I realized it was a large moth that seemed to be breathing heavily my dad was on life support with a breathing machine. It seemed very peaceful and let me take it outside to the patio.

I came in and suddenly remembered stories from years ago of someone dying and a butterfly flying through the room. I went back outside to take a picture of the moth, and it had vanished. Later that morning I found my dad had a massive heart attack that night. I firmly believe he was visiting me to let me know he had transitioned and was at peace. I never saw one since that time, and feel this was a magical experience. It has helped me to deal with his death. What an amazing tale.