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Over 1. As vehicles are bought and sold, the title becomes the legal documentation of each change in ownership. Both the buyer and the seller must follow specific procedures to ensure the title is correctly transferred from one owner to the next. In addition to the title, when selling a vehicle the party selling the vehicle should provide to the purchaser a Bill of Sale.

If you have questions in regards to your driver'splease contact the Driver's Office which is a division of the South Dakota Department of Public Safety. The Motor Vehicle Division provides and maintains your motor vehicle records. Our online services allow you to:.

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Get Started. A written form must be submitted to the South Dakota Motor Vehicles Division before motor vehicle records can be released.

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Request Form. We strive to make our services as convenient as possible and encourage you to with any questions or concerns. Bill of Sale Form Duplicate Title Application Form See questions about reviewing and renewing registration, plates and motor vehicle records for businesses. Non-commercial vehicle fees are issued in accordance to the vehicle's age and weight. Fees can be found on the form.

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Effective July 1,vehicle owners have 45 days to apply for title and registration of an acquired vehicle. All vehicles acquired prior to July 1, must have been titled and registered within 30 days of the purchase date. There is not a provision for extensions on the 45 day requirement. Interest and penalties will accrue on the motor vehicle excise tax.

All fees are assessed from the purchase date regardless of when an applicant applies for title and registration. Interest is not calculated on interest. A vehicle is exempt from tax when it is transferred without consideration no money is exchanged between spouses, between a parent and child and between siblings. South Dakota is a plate with owner state.

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This means that the plates are retained by the owner. If you purchase a new vehicle, you will transfer the plates from your old vehicle to your newly acquired vehicle.

Motor vehicle

You can do this at your local county treasurer's office. Be sure to take your old plates with you to the county treasurer's office. The seller's permit is valid for 45 days. The seller has 45 days to deliver title. State law requires that upon the sale, transfer or trade in of a motor vehicle or large boat, the person who sells, transfers or trades the vehicle or large boat, must provide a completed Damage Disclosure Statement to the person to whom the vehicle or large boat is transferred.

If a motor vehicle or large boat, which is titled in another jurisdiction, is to be titled in South Dakota, the person who registers the vehicle or large boat importer must also complete a Damage Disclosure Statement.

Effective July 1,damage disclosure is no longer mandated. Damage disclosure will remain noted on titles issued before July 1, You have 90 days from your date of arrival to title and your vehicle in South Dakota. Take this paperwork to your local county treasurer's office to complete registration process.

They will be able to tell you the appropriate fees pertaining to that county.

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However, if purchased by an out of state business, you will need to show proof of tax paid to your local Department of Revenue office. You must qualify to receive this information with one of the following reasons:. You'll start by visiting www.

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You will need the Bill of Sale. People who engage in the business of selling vehicles, whether exclusively or in addition to another occupation, are required to have a motor vehicle dealer. Visit the vehicle dealer section of our and apply.

When you have a lienholder on your vehicle loan, your title will remain in an electronic form only until the time your loan is paid off and the lienholder releases their interest in your vehicle. At that time a paper title will be printed and mailed to the location indicated by the lienholder in the release. When a title record is issued with a lien or a new lien is perfected, the provider supplies the lender with an electronic message of the lien perfection.

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When a lien is needed to be released, the lender would send an electronic lien release to the Motor Vehicle Division through the provider. Providers also supply other services for their lenders. The ELT vendors provide several different options for your business, so we would suggest that you contact them directly to determine the costs that will be associated with your participation in the ELT program. No, if the lender chooses to not use a provider, no notice is sent to the lender regarding any lien perfections.

The county will note the lien in the system and keep the title. The lender receives no notification. See the Motor Vehicle under the Businesses section of our website for more information. .

Everything you need to know about titles and registration fees with the South Dakota Department of Revenue. Complete an application for the title and registration for your boat. Complete an application for your motor vehicle title and registration and apply for plates. Complete an application for your low-speed vehicle title and registration and apply for your plates.

Complete an application for your motorcycle title and registration and apply for motorcycle plates. Complete an application for your off-road vehicle and, if applicable, apply for registration and plates. Off-road vehicles must be titled even if they are not registered for use on highways. Complete an application for your rebuilt vehicle to be titled and registered, apply for plates and schedule an inspection.

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Title and register your recreational vehicle, motorhome or converted house car. All snowmobiles used on public and private lands and any frozen public waters within territorial limits of South Dakota must be d. Complete an application for your snowmobile to be titled and d and apply for a snowmobile decal.

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Complete an application for your trailer to be titled and registered and apply for plates. Search DOR. SD Choose a filter to refine your search All dor. Home Individuals Motor Vehicle. Motor Vehicle Over 1. Request Form Contact We strive to make our services as convenient as possible and encourage you to with any questions or concerns. Who do I contact if I have questions about motor vehicle registering, licensing and titling? What are the different fees for motor vehicle licensing and registration?

Where can I renew my vehicle registrations? Havens Ave. Rapid City-- Rushmore Mall, N. Maple Ave. Louise Ave. Dakota Ave. How do I obtain a duplicate title?

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What if my address has changed? How do I replace a damaged or lost plate or tags? Can I get an extension on the 45 day requirement to title and register a newly purchased vehicle? Do I pay motor vehicle excise tax if I transfer a title to my child?

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What do I do with my plates from my old car when I purchase a new car? What is the damage disclosure? What do I need to do if I move to South Dakota from out of state? Can I register my vehicle in South Dakota if I live out of state? You should know that your state may prohibit registering your vehicle in another state.

How do I do a title search on a vehicle that was registered in South Dakota? You must qualify to receive this information with one of the following reasons: For use by any government agency For any state authorized purpose relating to the operation of a motor vehicle, public safety or for use in connection with car safety, prevention of car theft, and promotion of driver safety For use by a business to verify the accuracy of personal information submitted to that business to prevent fraud or pursue legal remedies In connection with court, agency or self-regulatory body proceedings For use by insurers in connection with claims investigations, antifraud activities, rating or underwriting To notify vehicle owners that their vehicle has been towed or impounded For use by a d private investigative agencies or security services for any purpose by the DPPA.

How do I confirm a lien on a vehicle? What do I need to sell a vehicle? I sold my vehicle, how do I report the sale? What is ELT? What does an ELT provider do? What is the cost to use an ELT provider?

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Does a Lender have to use a Provider? How does a lender note a lien if not using a provider? If a lender does not utilize a provider, what do they get for a notice of lien perfection?