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Norwich is a historic city in New London County, Connecticut, where three rivers meet before flowing out from the scenic harbor as the Thames River, which empties into the ocean at Long Island Sound.

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The infamous Salem witch trials began during the spring ofafter a group of young girls in Salem Village, Massachusetts, claimed to be possessed by the devil and accused several local women of witchcraft. As a wave of hysteria spread throughout colonial Massachusetts, a special court convened in Salem to hear the cases; the first convicted witch, Bridget Bishop, was hanged that June.

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In earlyduring the depths of winter in Massachusetts Bay Colony, a group of young girls in the village of Salem began acting strangely. The daughter and niece of the local minister, Samuel Parris, claimed to be afflicted by invisible forces who bit and pinched them, sending their limbs flailing. As local magistrates began questioning the accused, people packed into a tavern to witness the girls come face to face with the women they had accused of witchcraft.

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While the other two women denied the accusations against them, Tituba told vivid stories of how Satan had revealed himself to her. Tituba, the first woman to be accused of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts. Close to people would be accused before the Salem Witch Trials ended the following year, and 20 of them would be executed by hanging over the summer and fall of These are five of their stories.

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When the special Court of Oyer and Terminer convened in Salem Town in early June, the first case it heard was against Bridget Bishopa local widow, as the prosecutor assumed her case would be easy to win. Bishop had been accused of witchcraft more than a decade earlier, but was acquitted for lack of evidence.

Ten witnesses testified against Bishop, and she was quickly found guilty and sentenced to death. By then, s of opposition to the Salem Witch Trials had begun to surface. Several ministers questioned whether the court relied too much on spectral evidenceor testimony about the ghostly figures witches supposedly sent to afflict their victims.

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But what was disputed was whether the devil could send the shape of an innocent person to afflict. Still, when the Court of Oyer and Terminer reconvened on June 28 after its success convicting Bishop, Sarah Good was quickly convicted and sentenced to death. On July 19, Good was carted to Gallows Hill and executed along with the churchgoing grandmother, Rebecca Nurseand three other convicted witches. A young woman accused of witchcraft by Puritan ministers appeals to Satan to save her in a trial.

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Susannah Martin did not even live in Salem, but in Amesbury, Massachusetts. Like Bishop, she had been accused of witchcraft before, but the charges had been dropped for lack of evidence. Her bad reputation may have spread to Salem bywhen four of the afflicted girls in Salem accused her by name, claiming her specter had attacked them. When the Court of Oyer and Terminer met for a third session in early Augustit heard the case of Martha Carrier of Andover, which would be home to more accused witches than any other town.

After Carrier was accused, the authorities interrogated her two teenage sons, torturing them into confessing to witchcraft themselves, and implicating their mother. On August 19, Carrier went to Gallows Hill along with Proctor, Burroughs and two other men —she was the only woman executed that day. Like Rebecca Nurse, Martha Cory was far from the usual witch suspect, who tended to be a poor outcast.

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She was a covenanted member of her church, and was considered an upstanding member of the community. But Martha had attracted suspicion after she tried to stop her husband, Giles, from attending one of the early examinations in the witch trials, even going so far as to hide his saddle. Shortly after this, one of the afflicted girls accused Martha of bewitching her and turning her blind. Less than two weeks after Martha was found guilty and sentenced to death, Giles was pressed to death after he refused to enter a plea in his own trial.

On September 22, Martha Cory went to the gallows along with seven other convicted witches, in what would be the last hangings of the Salem Witch Trials.

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Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you. I'd like hunt for girl that loves find a girl for a 3 Salem The infamous Salem witch trials began during the spring ofafter a group of young girls in Salem Village, Massachusetts, claimed to be possessed by the devil and accused several local women of witchcraft.

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Online: Now. Get a compelling long read and must-have lifestyle tips in your inbox every sunday morning — great with coffee! Salem, nj cops find girls, ages 3 and 6, wandering street at 3 a.

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Martha Corey and her prosecutors, after being found guilty of being a witch. This Day In History.

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History Vault. Recommended for you. Salem Witch Trials.

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