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Tattoo dating Lincoln NE

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Neb. woman tried to slice off boyfriend's tattoo, say police

in. Find the best local pros. I need: in: Search. Trusted Tattoo Artists. Tell us where you need a tattoo artist.

We'll do the rest. Henna tattooing Temporary tattoo artistry Wedding henna tattooing Go. Nearby Tattoo Artists. Relevancy Ranking? View Profile. Referral from Oct 22, Chelci T. Sasha S. See all recommendations 2.

We do walk-ins every day!

Referral from Apr 08, Rob P. Jennifer B. See all recommendations 1. Referral from Jun 03, Maggie B. Sadie T. Referral from Sep 19, Tammy S. Linda B. Referral from Aug 30, John B. Nina M. Frequently Mentioned on Social Media?

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Tattoo Artist referral in LincolnNE. Referral from October 14, On highway Interested with hair bows headbands romper so felt mask tutus ties necklaces bibs blankets and more Izabowaboutique gmail. Referral from September 19, Mojo's Dermagraphics. Mojo is an amazing artist. I have seen a lot of her work and it's always done very well. Referral from June 3, I am looking for a phenomenal tattoo artist in Omaha or Lincoln Any suggestions?

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In Lincoln, try David Robinson. Tenth Sanctum in Omaha or Liquid Courage are my votes. Liquid Courage has done lots of amazing work on friends. That was a while ago, so I don't know if the same artists are still there. Bj at Big O for color work.

But he is booked out pretty far I'm pretty sure. Referral from April 12, Anyone recomend a good tattoo artist that can cover this shit up one to many drinks ended up with a married chicks name on it.

Peter Whitlow at strategic tattoo in gretna. Peter Whitlow is very reasonable pm me for his. Seth Agar at big brain. Richie Vomit in Sioux city might be able to do something or check out Brian Webb at eye candy in Omaha.

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If they can't then they might know someone if not your fucked. Andy Grubb in lincoln could cover that up easily.

Andy g. tattoo shop

I'd say Koenig with Liquid Courage but he'll probably charge you two bils and have to get on a waiting list. Black Squirrel does some amazing work though as well. Referral from October 22, Ok I need help!!! I need a cover up and I was thinking of doing a sleeve of either Halloween themed or The Night Before Christmas themed!! I know the tattoo is dark but Dave at Iron Brush.

His wife works for a great friend of mine. They are a great couple. Kevin Chasek Iron Brush. Cody Schneider!!!

Sacred heart tattoo

Referral from March 9, Scott at Indepth ta2. It's on 18 th and main in joplin by Hardee's. Taylor Black. Referral from April 8, I need a good reasonable tattoo artist to hook my son up tomorrow. I'm trying to find Andy Grubb, but have been unable to contact him.

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Referral from May 12, Any suggestions for a highly talented, supa dupa badass local tattoo artist.? Please message me if have a tip. Johnny Martin Seven Seas tattoo in Lincoln. Dave Koenig at Tenth Sanctum.

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BJ big O. Dominic Holmes Big Brain Omaha. Justin at Big O. Tony Squires or Tyson at Iron Brush.

Independent tattoo

I also am a huge fan of supporting the ladies in a male-dominated field. Christopher Martini does good work. Tony Squires. Tanner McCoy.

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Ann Loaris did my tattoos she's wonderful! Justin Big O! Referral from March 12, Looking for a good tattoo artist to start my sleeve! If anyone has recommendations please leave them!

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Iron Brush. Well it is York ne