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The UCSD researchers recorded the voices of 12 college-aged women and 11 men, all of whom were native southern Californians.

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Julie, a girl from the valley, meets Randy, a punk from the city. They are from different worlds and find love.

Age: 27
Nationality: Welsh
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Languages: Russian
What is my favourite drink: Brandy
What is my hobbies: Fishkeeping

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It might well have languished there indefinitely but with the entire film release schedule thrown into upheaval, it has been pulled off the shelf and released at last. As loathsome as his behavior may have been, it only takes watching a few minutes of this painfully misguided film to realize that he was most likely not the only reason why no one was exactly rushing to dust "Valley Girl" off until now.

Armed with an unexpectedly intelligent screenplay, sensitive direction from Martha Coolidgea killer soundtrack, and a strong cast that featured both Cage in the first of what would prove to be a long line of offbeat performances and a supporting turn from Michelle Meyrinkthe film was a surprise critical and commercial hit when it came out. Over time, it would go on to develop a considerable cult following. In creating this remake, screenwriter Amy Talkington and director Rachel Lee Goldenberg have stuck to the basic contours of the original.

And yet, despite seemingly having it all, Julie quietly yearns for something else and it finally arrives in the form of Randy Josh Whitehousea punk from the city looking for musical success with his bandmates Mae Whitman and Mario Revolori. After meeting-cute at the beach, Randy and his pals crash a party Julie is attending and he whisks her away for the night.

There are two key additions to the narrative this time around, both fairly disastrous.

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The minor one is the decision to employ a contemporary framing device that finds a now-older Julie Alicia Silverstone recounting her story to her own daughter. One of the biggest laughs came from the moment when it dawned on her father that he had a kid old enough to attend prom.

Here, Mom and Dad Judy Greer and Rob Huebel are just a couple of vapid Yuppies indistinguishable from other dopey parents found in such films and exist mostly to work more weak jokes about the era into the proceedings—Dad talks about how sleek his bulky camcorder is and insists on investing money in Commodore instead of Macintosh.

Here, even though this one never works for a moment, she amply demonstrates that if anyone out there has a good romantic comedy-musical project in the works, she would be absolutely ideal for it.

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Peter Sobczynski is a contributor to eFilmcritic. Rated PG for teen partying, language, some suggestive material, and brief nudity.

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Jessica Rothe as Julie Richman. Josh Whitehouse as Randy.

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Ashleigh Murray as Loryn. Chloe Bennet as Karen.

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Peyton List as Courtney. Mae Whitman. Jessie Ennis as Stacey. Logan Paul as Mickey. Allyn Rachel as Raechel Donahue.

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Reviews Valley Girl. Peter Sobczynski May 08, Now streaming on:. Powered by JustWatch. Peter Sobczynski Peter Sobczynski is a contributor to eFilmcritic.


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